An exclusive personalized city guide service catering to 4 global metropolis:

NEW YORK CITY       GENEVA      ISTANBUL      and now... MILANO

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure with friends and family, NAT will help you explore the city the moment you arrive at the airport. Travel information is easy to get a hold of these days, on the internet, by phone, or personal referrals, but it's never fully customized. Nat will provide you with a customized list and itinerary suggestion, based on a one on one conversation. How great is it to have an immediate resourceful friend in a new city.

You want to know what's the latest restaurant or bar opened in the city you are traveling, the best shopping places and tips to get good prices; or simply the grocery store in your new or temporary home, which dry cleaner to use? The best doctor? Lawyer? Hairdresser? Spa? Gardener? Baby sitter? Delivery service? You name it. We know it.

"NAT AND THE CITY" is your new friend that holds the key to your new city. No more secrets, No more hidden spots undiscovered.

Breaking news!!!! Nat moved her offices to New York City and will offer extended services with her team from the big apple

"Born in Lebanon, raised in Turkey, studied in Switzerland, played and worked in Milan and New York... all my favorite places. I spend my time jet setting from city to city, and I love exploring the world, and sharing my tips and discoveries.

On this notion I created "Nat and the City", the cosmopolitan guide for the best finds in the city. I am starting my venture with those closest to my heart: New York, Geneva, Istanbul. Milano is my new addition. Shortly the services will expand to include: Paris and London.

"The Black Barn,NYC.

Delicious food & great service"

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"Nat made my move from Switzerland to NYC so smooth and easy. "
-Jean-Marc, Geneva Oct 2015       

"Nat's tips about NY nightlife, made my bachelorette week-end unforgettable"
-Paola, Florence May 2015     

"I never travel without Nat's tips, she knows the best places."
-Renata, Sao Paolo Jan 2015        

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