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Cipriani opened its first restaurant in 1931 in Venice. Over the years, this exclusive restaurant opened all over the world. One of the latest location happens to be in Yalikavak, few kilometers from Bodrum and Turkbuku.

Located in Palmarina Bodrum, Cipriani quickly became the place to go this summer. The good news, Billionaire club is just located next to Cipriani.

So you can definitely make an unbelievable night out of it.

During my last mission with my Angels in Turkbuku, we decided that we had to try it.
Believe me; it was not easy to get a table. We first tried to use all our connections in Turkey, when it didn’t happen; I decided to make the next intelligent move: pass by Cipriani NY.
Thanks to my friend Ring Ding and the connections, we managed to get a table on a Saturday night.

The restaurant has an amazing terrace overlooking the sea. When we arrived, they asked us to wait a little before our table was ready. Sipping our Bellini (the trademark drink of Cipriani) I had the chance to look at the crowd.

Definitely not a date spot, you had a bit of all: some Turkish socialites, some families and some big groups celebrating birthdays.

I haven’t seen all my favorite dishes from Cipriani NY, so I was a little disappointed. On the other hand, it gave me a chance to try different dishes. I highly advice fish dishes and the appetizers.

I have ordered a tagliata as a main course (sliced big), but the portion was way too big, so if you are in meat mood, definitely you have to share.

After being nicely fed, we asked our Maitre d’ to organize us a table at Billionaire club.

Now that’s a place that I advice for singles ;)

Billionaire in Yalikavak

Billionaire in Yalikavak

Beautiful women, hot men, a meat market on its own. And let’s not forget the entertainment of watching people getting their Magnum of Champagne.

I have to admit, Flavio Briatore is a marketing genius.

Every time that someone took a Magnum of Champagne, the light goes off, you have 6 people carrying a sexy dancer who holds the magnum, with the intro theme song of Rocky, “Gonna Fly Now” and finishing up with “R u reaaaady!!!”…

Of course, the person who orders the bottle feels like a king, and the guy at the next table wants to get the same treatment, so orders the same to impress ;)

Come on, let’s admit, it can sound tacky, but it is simply genius.

No need to say, we didn’t order any magnums, just regular champagne, so we didn’t have the whole show, just a little party candle firework on our bottle, hahaha…

The whole night was great, as the restaurant, the club and the boys were Italians; we nominated Dark Angel the head of Mission for the Italian Embassy ;) )))

Bodrum is a port city in Mugla province in the Aegean region of Turkey. Türkbükü, a coastal town 25 km from Bodrum, is the favorite vacation spot and second home residency of Turks. In Bodrum, you can see a lot of foreign tourist; in Türkbükü the majority of visitors remain Turks.

Just to give you an idea, in Türkbükü, there are no sandy beaches. There is a board walk next to the sea full of shops, restaurants, bars and docks. The docks are used for sunbathing during the day, dinning and partying at night. This protected harbor is a refuge for yachts and Turkish celebrities.

In other words, it is the St-Tropez of Turkey.

I was supposed to spend a week with my Disco girl at the beginning of summer, when our plans collapsed I organized a long week-end with my Angels at the beginning of August.

For the ones who don’t know, whenever I go to Turkey, I meet with my Angels. I am Bosley who gives out the new mission and our Charlie changes on every trip.

On this trip, I was with Mission Angel, Dark Angel and the Telecommunication Angel (a new member, who earned her wings at the end of the trip).

As I have mentioned, there are several hotels next to each other in Türkbükü; I have tried most of them. When I go with the family, I stay at Divan Palmira, which is a five star hotel with a pool. When I go with my friends, I go to Fidèle.

Fidèle, which means “Faithful” in French, is the best place to hang out in the boardwalk.

There are few rooms. They are not five star hotel rooms, but to be honest when I go with my friends I see my room just to shower, change and sleep for an hour or two…. So who cares?

After having my breakfast with my feet in the water, I spend my day on the dock to get tanned and swim. This I call the resting period.

At 6pm, it is time to enjoy Türkbükü. With my Angels, we go on the boardwalk and shop and come back at the hotel for our happy hour.

The best happy hour? When it is full moon, at precisely 8.05pm, we can see the moon coming out behind the mountains. The DJ plays “the full moon song”, and you know why you picked Fidèle hotel among the others.

By the time you finish your “very” happy hour, get showered and dressed; it is 10pm and finally time to eat.

You can choose among all the restaurants in Türkbükü, or even get adventurous and go to the other ports nearby.

Fidèle has a great restaurant as well, a very broad menu where you should not miss the octopus carpaccio, the shrimps with rice and the Fidèle salad, and if you are not in the mood of fish, great Turkish dishes or meat. I have to say, everything that comes out of the kitchen is delicious…, and over the years I believe I have tasted all ;)

Fidèle doesn’t attract only locals and Turkish tourists but also the few foreign tourists, who leave Bodrum and come to our side of the bay.

On Friday night, we met 3 Mexicans. Their boat was in Bodrum (and no they didn’t come from Mexico by boat, lol), and although they knew Turkey and the surroundings, it was their first time in Türkbükü.

Mission Angel, who makes part of Fidèle family’s new adventure in Istanbul, took well care of them, and even challenged them to Turkish tequila.

Thanks to the food, the ambiance in Fidèle Hotel and let’s not forget my Angels, I am sure they will be “Faitful” and come back very soon ;)

So, what else can I say … If you want to go to Türkbükü with your friends and just want to spend a good night with good food, you have to pass by Fidèle Hotel.

Look at me and my Angels, we went to rest…, and we ended up barely sleeping. We ate well, tanned well and partied too well.

It felt like opening a Kinder surprise; you don’t know what toy will come out from your egg. From our egg chocolate, Zorro, The Captain and The Doc came out ….