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In Sardinia you just enjoy life. After the happy hour, and before hitting the clubs, you make a stopover at the restaurants….

There are few classics, and Gianni Pedrinelli is from far the best restaurant in the Emerald Coast. Not only the décor, but also the food and the crowd… You can sit inside or in summer at the terrace. I love the terrace as it is overlooking the garden, with flowing white curtains…. It is a magic atmosphere where you taste delicious food.

If you go there, I highly advise you to take the antipasti buffet. All products are fresh and you have a big variety. For main courses, the scampis are to die for or even their pastas. Actually everything is yummy, even their Scaloppine Milanese.

My evening was perfect, the only funny and, as my mom said inappropriate moment, was when the short waiter asked me if he could offer me drinks after. I seriously think it is funny, and chapeau for his courage… but on the other side my mom is right, we are not in a bar, we are in a 5 star restaurant.

Anyway, that didn’t ruin my evening off course, and to be honest it was so good that I went back to taste different dishes ;)

In Porto Cervo Sardinia, the biggest moment for me is the aperitivo… what else from someone who just loves to drink and eat.

Every day, around 6.30 – 7pm, I sit at the Piazza, order my white wine or Bellini, nibble the little appetizers they bring and observe the people.

The Piazza in Porto Cervo starts populating after 7pm… you have a bit of everything…. Families with kids running around, ladies who think they are dressed to kill (but actually dressed to be laughed at and maybe catch a few “Clients”), celebrities, shoppers and my personal favorite: people who got tanned directly near the sun. These people don’t have the nice summer glow, they are not the lobsters… they have more the “leather look”.

The Piazza in Porto Cervo is not the only happening happy hour spot. “Phi Beach” is another great place, where the sunset is breath taking, and the music takes you to another world.
The only advice I can give you is “do not wear your high heels”. It is a sand beach and believe me walking with heels is a challenge, and let’s say it kills all your style when you fall ;)
At Phi Beach, the crowd is different: not that many kids, but full of hotties drinking and dancing until the sun sets.

People are dressed in “special beachwear”. You know the kind of outfit that you pay a lot but never wear at the beach, because it is too dressy? Well good news, you can wear them at Phi Beach…

When finally the sun sets in Costa Smeralda, you can finally finish your drinks and go for your dinner…. that is another adventure, another post :)

The rest of my trip in Costa Smeralda passed between shopping and tanning and having “Bellinis” which is a long drink where you mix prosecco and peach puree at the piazzetta in Porto Cervo.

I tried several beaches, but ended up most of the time at the beach of Hotel Pitrizza, with white sand and Liscia di Vasca Bay’s transparent water… do I need to add more? Well if you really insist, full of merchants who sell hats, jewelry, pashmina and beach dresses…
All my vendor friends come from Pakistan and besides helping to do my shopping fix; they let me do my bargaining fix as well ;)

At nights, after doing some more shopping in Porto Cervo, and believe me there are lots of temptations. My pleasure was to sip my Bellini while watching people, especially Flavio Briatore and his carefully selected guests (such as Valentino), followed by paparazzi. I guess Valentino Garavani is the reference person in Porto Cervo, as even when I would look for a jewelry, the owner would tell me with his Italian accent “you know Valentino Garavani bought this the other day”.
Happy for him, so would that mean that I need to color my hair like him as well? Oh wait my hair is colored like that already, although it looks more natural on me than him ;)

Anyway, and I tried some restaurants, nice fish restaurant in Poltu Quatu called Tanit. And my last night went to the most famous restaurant in Porto Cervo, “Gianni Pedrinelli”
Gianni Pedrinelli is when you want to indulge in the secrets of the sardic and italian cuisine. It’s not your usual bling-ridden eatery in Porto Cervo. Everybody is treated the same way. And you can enjoy the amazing food, while you see some celebrities with their families. I just saw Yamani celebrating his son’s birthday.
But girls, some sources told me that George Clooney loves it too.

It was the best way of finishing my journey. I fell in love again with Costa Smeralda, although I believe one week is more than enough. Looking forward to go back next year though ;)

In Costa Smeralda, you have few clubs that have been there forever, and Sopravento makes part of them. This yearthey have decided to give a new face lift and concept to it. The official birth date would be on July 23rd, but I had a sneak peak before…

I ended up there on my last evening with my friends. Someone had caught lots of tuna fish that day, so instead of cooking them home; decided to bring it to Cortes. The owner was happy to ask to his chef to cook it for us, and used the opportunity to have a pre-opening test run … And don’t worry I behaved ;)

The concept is simple; with over 2000 square meters, Cortes has a restaurant which is open for lunch as well; a show club where you can enjoy DJs as well as live music and shows; an art gallery and an exclusive luxury corner shops area.
So I can easily call it a “full option spot”!!!

As I was there before the grand opening, I can only say that the cook is quite talented and creative, because basing a whole dinner on tuna (3 courses plus desert), you need to have ideas. And believe it or not, we didn’t have it with pasta… The atmosphere was great, besides the beautiful setting, loved the live music accompanying the DJ.

My only concern was the trip to the bathroom; it is a good walk, so you have to plan ahead and maybe a pack a snack for the road… Joke aside, I wish I were still in Porto Cervo for the opening, so I could see and enjoy the night, and compare with my private one ….
And I guess the crowd would be more my type of crowd than the one Flavio attracts at the Billionaire ;)
So if you are around, you should definitely give a shot!!!

After a glorious first day and night in Sardinia, we decide to take our second day relaxed. So we spent the day on the boat getting tanned, and at night decided to walk around “Porto Cervo” before our dinner.

Porto Cervo is the main center of Costa Smeralda . It is surrounded by a marina, sport clubs, shopping promenade, luxurious boutiques, and nightlife of its own. I remembered from my last visit that they were great shopping spots, and you know me and shopping ;)
This time I just checked around as in few days I was supposed to stay at Cervo Hotel, so lots of time to shop.

After a short shopping session and a drink at the piazza, we went to a restaurant that my friends had already been couple of days ago, and couldn’t stop talking about.

It is called “Ristorante La Petronilla”, just a bit further of the bling bling of Porto Cervo. It is a small restaurant, that has a a big wine cellar, and the owner; Massimo Scardovi was the one who took our orders and served us. I am even suspecting that he even is the one who cooked.

If you are looking for a restaurant where you can see the “who is who” of the Italian and international jetset; then avoid La Petronilla. We were there for the food; we started with “vongole e mitilo”, which are clams and mussels cooked in a wine sauce, followed by pasta.
My friends were dreaming about their “spaghetti ai ricci di mare” (sea urchins spaghetti) and I went with “spaghetti al granseola” (spider crabs spaghetti). Result….. at the idea I am still salivating….

The restaurant was quite empty, I guess due to the lack of a decent terrace. Even though they say they have AC I have to admit it was a bit too warm; it must be the Italian way…. meaning a machine that blows the air that we the rest of the world call an “electric fan”.
You know me how I hate the heat, so if I am willing to go back, it means that the food was really delicious. And if you are around and want to spend a chill night with great food, give a chance to “La Petronilla” and please let me know how much you enjoyed the food ;) Bon appetit!!!!

When my friend asked me to join them for her birthday week-end in Sardinia on the boat, I knew the only thing that could hold me in Geneva were the flights… First of all I knew it was gonna be a great group, and second haven’t been to Costa Smeralda (the Emerald Coast)for years, so it would be great to rediscover everything.

After checking all the options, I decided to go with Easy Jet to Olbia, otherwise I needed to change 3 flights.
For the people who don’t know Easy Jet, it is an airline that seems cheap. The flights are not expensive, but you have to add your luggage, which costs roughly 40 bucks; add that the “speedy boarding”, insurance and 16 bucks to use a credit card.
So basically when you add all the options it becomes more expensive then a regular company… and all this for a company who has delays 90% of the time, and also did I tell you that Easy Jet doesn’t assign you a seat, so it is like the bus, first come first served basis….. (why do you think I buy the Speedy Boarding???)
Oh well, as Easy Jet is the only company that offers direct flights from Geneva to Olbia, I shut up woke up at 4 am as the only flight was at 6.15am and made the best out of it… and come on it is only an hour and a half flight.

When I arrived to Olbia, took a cab to Cala di Volpe hotel so the tender could pick me up for the boat. This hotel which literally means the “Cove of the Fox” is by far the most expensive hotel in Sardinia. It has a great beach, and good restaurants. When I arrived it was empty, as the high season didn’t start yet and also I guess people don’t wake up at 8am in vacation…

That night we first hit “Phi Beach” for happy hour. Imagine a beautiful beach with a great sunset. Great music and hot Italians dancing… And you know me; I never go to a place in Italy without seeing a soccer player (the Italian celebrities). Didn’t miss it this time, next to us the yummy Lucas Toni with his girlfriend was dancing away, while paparazzi were trying to take his picture from a helicopter …

After the drink we had dinner at the boat and hit “The Billionaire Club”, famously owned by Flavio Briatore, former head of the Benetton Formula One racing team. This nightclub, used to be really happening couple of years ago when it opened, and Flavio tries to keep it that way by having extra expensive drinks, and asking his jet set friends to come and party.

The truth? Beside maybe few nights that you have someone interesting, it is full of little boys and girls spending the money of daddy. And when I say spending, I am not lying… as every time you open a mega magnum champagne bottle that costs thousand of Euros… (the regular bottle of Greygoose cost 1100 EUR, so I let you guess the rest of the prices), they make a huge fuss, with fire and music… these little kids, who have no idea about the crisis start a competition about who is going to open more bottles. I don’t want to see their families face when they see the credit card bills!!!
Beside them, you have few young ladies who are searching for a yacht owner or someone who will offer them a summer free of charge… but then again these special ladies are everywhere.

As we didn’t open a magnum, they tried to treat us like a second zone citizen, and take away one of our tables, but the minute they heard we were staying on a boat, everything went back to order ;)
Anyway, as usual we had fun, drank and danced… the top of my night? When I finally managed to cross the crowd in the heat and humidity and went to the bathroom, which had AC!!! Did I tell you that even the Billionaire uses the old trick of killing people with heat so they consume more?

Oh well, my first day in Sardinia was great and quite full and fun. Thank you to be born Frederique, so we had this great day. Happy birthday again!!!!