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My second day in Rome was a full day, as I never sleep too much, woke up and decided to go out at a piazza to have my breakfast. Obviously the stores were still closed but although I haven’t been to Rome for few years, I manage to walk my way to the main street with all the important shops. Telling you I have a natural GPS for shopping areas. After having done my window shopping and selecting the shops that I would visit, I went to Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, a triangular piazza, with few coffees and some shops. I sat in one of them took a magazine and had a great breakfast to have forces to go shopping. After my retail therapy, I decided to go and pay my respects at the Vatican. There is one place besides shopping that I have to do every time I am in Rome is to go to the Vatican. I am not a very religious person, but every time that I enter the St. Peter’s Basilica church, I am filled with emotions. This time was no different, I went and prayed and made wishes. It was very busy as the following morning it was Pentecost and they were getting ready for the Pope’s mass.
After the Vatican it was time to lunch, so a friend of mine, who knows around brought a bunch of us to the restaurant “Alfredo alla Scrofa”. As she is a foodie, we let her do the food order, and it was a great move. We started with antipasti composed of cold cuts, mozzarella buffalo, some deep fried veggies, followed by the famous fettucine Alfredo, which is basically fettucine covered with a lot of parmesan cheese and when everything melts, a cream sauce comes out. I highly recommend everyone to go and enjoy that dish, and the service is lovely, even though we were 15 people, our waiter didn’t roll his eyes once, and was nice and smiling.
After this very “light” lunch we decided to walk around and visit … my friend and I passed by Piazza Navona, visited churches, where I every time that I bought a candle to pray, it sounded like a Slot machine, and finally finishes the walk at “la Fontana di Trevi” which was so full of people that I decided that I didn’t need to throw more coins in the fountain for more wishes. After all I had almost no coins and wishes left as I spent them in the previous 4 or 5 churches…
Just before going to the hotel to get ready for the wedding, I decided to give another chance to the terrace of “Hotel de Russie” and met a friend for bubbles. It was much better. We could see that the crowd was composed by the people who stayed at the hotel, who were there after a trying day of shopping or visiting to chill. The service was slow to start and got better later and also after few glasses we didn’t really care…. When we finally got ready a shuttle took us to the Villa Aurelia, which sits atop the Janiculum Hill at the highest point within Rome’s ancient city walls. The wedding was beautiful; we partied and danced away until … well I don’t really remember, I guess all these bubbles and proseccos finally got me ;)

When yesterday I got ready for my trip to Rome, I just hoped that I won’t lose my luggage again. This time I cannot do any creative outfits as I have a wedding… and no I cannot hold my dress in my hand because it top part is too bulky. Thanks god everything went smooth, and with my luggage in hand I arrived to the hotel.
My hotel was a boutique hotel called Luxury Suites Babuino 181, and is situated literally few minutes from the “Scalinata della Trinità dei Monti” (the Spanish steps) and just by “Piazza del Popolo” (People’s Square). The rooms are beautiful and modern, especially after my fiasco in Milan, I was nicely surprised. And the two people working at the reception, Andrea and Nico were very helpful; our private Italian doormen ;) As soon as we checked in, my friend and I joined the others for lunch, at a restaurant called “Osteria Formaggeria”. It belongs to Gusto group which has the pizzeria, wine bar, fish restaurant and we went to the cheese one. One would think why Swiss crowd would go to a cheese restaurant in Italy, go figure, maybe because it was the only one of the group with a great terrace and it was serving until 3.30pm…. Anyway, I wasn’t really impressed. My friends who had already eaten told me to avoid the pasta, so I ended up eating few cold cuts and mozzarella sticks. And believe me I asked if they had la Burrata, but they managed to have 100 sort of cheese except that. As we arrived a little late, you could see that the waiter wanted to get rid of us and start his sunny afternoon break. He rolled his eyes so many times, because we didn’t choose yet or we wanted something else that at a point I feared his eyes would never be normal again. After our meal at Gusto “express”; I think the name is more suitable; we decided to take a walk, and spend the afternoon from one coffee to the other, to end up at Piazza del Popolo for a quick happy hour at “Don Chisciotte”. It was so nice sitting there, sipping our bubbles, watching the Roman “carabinieri” pretending to save the world…
The cocktail Friday night was at this amazing palazzo near Piazza SS. Apostoli called Palazzo Colonna. Before accessing the terrace we were welcomed by the bride and groom at the main gallery, where we had the opportunity to see the masterful Colonna art collection. For the little story the art collection is from the 16th and 17th centuries and includes works by Bronzino, Tintoretto, Pietro da Cortona, Guercino and Guido Reni.
The gallery itself is a true piece of art, rich with frescoes and its collection of sculptures. Cardinal Girolamo I Colonna began this construction which was continued by his nephew Gran Constabile Lorenzo Onofrio.
After a beautiful night we decided to have a night cab at Hotel de Russie, which is known to have a great sky bar. Well I guess Friday night was not one of the happening nights, cause beside few family tables, it was empty. So we returned to our hotels to rest.