The rest of my trip in Costa Smeralda passed between shopping and tanning and having “Bellinis” which is a long drink where you mix prosecco and peach puree at the piazzetta in Porto Cervo.

I tried several beaches, but ended up most of the time at the beach of Hotel Pitrizza, with white sand and Liscia di Vasca Bay’s transparent water… do I need to add more? Well if you really insist, full of merchants who sell hats, jewelry, pashmina and beach dresses…
All my vendor friends come from Pakistan and besides helping to do my shopping fix; they let me do my bargaining fix as well ;)

At nights, after doing some more shopping in Porto Cervo, and believe me there are lots of temptations. My pleasure was to sip my Bellini while watching people, especially Flavio Briatore and his carefully selected guests (such as Valentino), followed by paparazzi. I guess Valentino Garavani is the reference person in Porto Cervo, as even when I would look for a jewelry, the owner would tell me with his Italian accent “you know Valentino Garavani bought this the other day”.
Happy for him, so would that mean that I need to color my hair like him as well? Oh wait my hair is colored like that already, although it looks more natural on me than him ;)

Anyway, and I tried some restaurants, nice fish restaurant in Poltu Quatu called Tanit. And my last night went to the most famous restaurant in Porto Cervo, “Gianni Pedrinelli”
Gianni Pedrinelli is when you want to indulge in the secrets of the sardic and italian cuisine. It’s not your usual bling-ridden eatery in Porto Cervo. Everybody is treated the same way. And you can enjoy the amazing food, while you see some celebrities with their families. I just saw Yamani celebrating his son’s birthday.
But girls, some sources told me that George Clooney loves it too.

It was the best way of finishing my journey. I fell in love again with Costa Smeralda, although I believe one week is more than enough. Looking forward to go back next year though ;)