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Last night with my three ladies I went to try out “Les Trois Verres” (The Three Glasses)… I guess that makes me the bottle, lol.

This restaurant is one of the latest additions in Geneva’s food industry, and I always heard very good comments about it.

After our “short” happy hour at Capocaccia that finished at 10pm, we were all happy and ready to eat something.

In Geneva, the restaurants tempt to close quite early, I guess people don’t need to work that much… To my good surprise, “I Tre Bicchieri’s” kitchen is open until 11pm and guess what, it wasn’t empty at 10.30pm. When you don’t live in Geneva, this sounds a normal thing, believe me in our city, this is a big deal.

So after spending 10 minutes choosing which table we wanted to sit (my three ladies are as demanding as I am), we found our happiness.

The menu has lots of variety; several kind of salads, lots of pastas, fish and meat.

We have all started with Tuna Tartare. I am sure by now you know I don’t eat onions and every time it is a deal breaker to ask them to prepare my tartare fresh with no onions. Well, good news, their tuna tartare with mango, doesn’t have onions, and it is delicious.

For my main courses, I opted for a Filet Mignon. I eat my filet rare; the instruction seems easy, but very often I receive it either overcooked or not enough cooked (where the outside of the steak is burned and the inside cold).

I am sure they hate me when I send it back, but a good cook should know how to make it.

At the restaurant “Les Trois Verres”, the cook made it perfect on the first go, so I give him a big A+

Overall, it was a great success. We ate and drank well, and we laughed a lot.

I will highly advise this restaurant and apparently you need to check it during happy hour. You have a lot of wine choices by the glass, and also a lot of single choices… I guess by the look.

I will probably check that in winter, so I could sit inside and enjoy their nice décor, wine and men.

When you live in Geneva, you keep complaining that there is nothing to do. Geneva is not a big city like Paris, Milan, London or New York, so you cannot expect the city to have the same attractions.

It is true that at 6 – 7pm in winter the roads are deserted, and when the temperature goes below 0 degrees Celsius, it becomes a Ghost town.

Let me tell you, life doesn’t stop after work, you can find several things to do. For example, going to the theater.

The Swiss Arthur prod is a company that brings Parisian shows to our city. They even offer you a season pass where you can purchase in advance 8 shows, and they offer you the ninth one.

The price varies between 250 chf to 810 chf according to your seat.

All the shows are at Theatre du Leman, just under the Hotel Kempinsky, Geneva.

My sister, who is a smart cookie, bought a season ticket for two. Due to my traveling, I managed to catch only two shows. I can tell you that they were very well chosen. She told me that all the selected theater shows were fun and worth every penny.

Last night we went to see a one man show, the comedian name is Olivier de Benoist. I have personally never heard about him, but I guess I was the only one (shame on me). He is one of the funniest men I have seen lately. And the public loves him.

I encourage all my French speaking peeps to give him a shot.

I know that we cannot compare Geneva Theater life to Broadway or Paris, but it is still great. I had a sneak peak of next season’s program; it is really worth it.

We decided to celebrate my mother’s birthday at Chateauvieux with some friends. Unfortunately, the  chef’s table was already booked, so we opted for the second best solution, in the main room.

You have to know that The Domaine de Chateauvieux is in Satigny which is near the airport of Geneva. Even if it takes you 15 minutes for the airport, it took us almost 45 minutes to reach there (basically the time to go to Paris by plane). I mainly blame my Tom Tom (or the slut in the box) for that. I have suspicions that her job is to show me the “longest” way….

Chevrier, the owner and cook of Domaine de Chateauvieux has several restaurants under his belt. Café des Negociants and Le Vallon are only two of them. I love what he did with Vallon, but not such a fan of afé des Negociants. I tried twice since he took over and got disappointed.

Anyway, back to the birthday dinner…
When you enter the restaurant, you can see the kitchen as it is behind glasses… so all the cooks are like fishes in an aquarium; when you look at them, they get curious and look back at you, lol. The main fish, Philippe Chevrier, was very happy to see us (go figure why).

The main dining room is beautiful and spacious; quite busy I have to add…

No need to say, but just in case, if you are on a budget, don’t go to have dinner at Domaine de Chateauvieux. The appetizers start at 80 usd, the main courses go up to 230 usd (the lobster) and the tasting menus starts from 300 usd …

The wine list on the other hand starts at 290 usd…

We didn’t choose the tasting menus, some of us have started with the “Seared force-fed duck liver “foie gras” on stewed mango with lime and pepper caramel sauce”, and continued with the “Simmental filet of beef, braised shoulder, watercress with chanterelles and onion sauce”.

Some others took the “Ancelin n°2 oysters slightly cooked with vodka, sea water jelly flavoured with ginger and apple”, followed by “Pan fried filets of red mullet with baby squid and sea urchin sauce”.

Everything was delicious, but between us, I preferred the “amuse-bouches” they brought us before. I knew I should have taken the surprise menu and let Chevrier be inspired for my food!!!

No need to say it was an amazing evening; the company was delightful and we laughed a lot. On our way out, we finally met Chevrier who was charming and told us they will love to have us dine in the kitchen next time….He said the kitchen is a male’s world, and they always appreciate ladies eating while they cook for us

He just forgot to mention that you need to book way in advance to get that famous chef’s table, will keep you all posted when I will finally eat inside the aquarium 

When my friends from Dominican Republic proposed to have dinner at “Adour” in St. Regis Hotel I was off course very excited…. What is it with me getting excited over food??? and then I keep complaining that I gained weight, lol.

“Adour”, the new restaurant of Alain Ducasse in New York, opened its doors in early 2008. I prefer this new venue than the old at the Essex House. It is a much grander venue, and David Rockwel did a fantastic job with the design.

After a short stinky cab ride, the driver left me at the corner of 55th street and 5th avenue. I haven’t planned the rain so my feet wearing the open toe shoes, were not particularly thrilled to walk under the rain. Thanks god, it wasn’t too long…

We all started with the Sauteed Duck Foie Gras, it was delicious… no need to say not very light but worth every calorie. The boys took after the Venison, and I took Nebraskan Beef. My meat literally melted in my mouth, and the Syrah sauce was just perfect.

For the desert, I took their signature dish; “Dark Chocolate Sorbet”. It was very good, and I even had edible gold on top of it ;) The Pineapple Souffle that my friend took was worth the 15 min wait. The only disappointing desert was “the Chocolate Leaf”… only chocolate nothing exciting.

The entire experience was amazing. I think Ducasse has chosen apples as the main ingredient for his seasonal menu, because I have eaten apples in all the possible ways with every dish.

The only thing that I will reproach is their bubbles… not cold enough, and we know by now that I like my bubbles cold and fizzy.

It was an excellent dinner, with perfect company. Our annual dinner as we call it was as usual a great success… now our new challenge would be to see each other more than once a year;)

Thank you my loves for the great evening!!!

My friend from New York came to Geneva with her family for few days. They were staying at the hotel La Reserve, which is slightly outside Geneva center.

I decided to meet up with ma Rose Bonbon (it’s the nick name that I gave her) at the lounge of the hotel for drinks and dinner.

Hotel la Reserve is very popular in summer thanks to their beautiful pool area. It is also “The Spot” for Sunday brunch in Geneva, as you have a DJ, and let’s be honest there are not many other options.

It used to be my hangout a year ago, but I got burnt out of the same place, same people and same food….

I was nicely surprised to see that it was also busy on a rainy Monday night. We all know, Geneva crowd stay home when it rains or it snows … I guess they are afraid to melt.
Between us, it is better, because they suddenly forget how to drive when it rains or snows….
Another person who didn’t care about the rain was the Swedish model Victoria Silvstedt and her pocket boyfriend Maurice Dabbah. They came for a quick bite… she is very tall and he needs a stool to be able to kiss her.

The service was excellent, and I think my friend being a good client was a significant factor in that.

The food… well the problem at la Reserve is that the menu never changes… The same old burger, with the same old club sandwich and the same steak …

So the food was nothing extraordinary. This time I started with marinated salmon and took the sea bass as a main plate. It was good, not great just decent.

The best part? To see my friend in Geneva, and finally spend some quality time with her… Would I start going back there again? Probably not, unless they eventually change their menu, or ma Rose Bonbon comes back and stays there ;) ))

On Thursday night, we decided to meet up with a friend and catch up. Before dinner, we passed by the Hotel Beau-Rivage for their Christmas party.

The moment we entered the lobby, a strong BBQ smell hit us. Once we collected the name tags we entered “the party” room. The theme was Latino, but besides the great band reminding me Socialista Social Club, and the welcoming staff member dressed in a white suit…. It could have been a backyard BBQ for bankers.

It was also a celebration of chocolate as well, and the most impressive part of the night was the sculptures and dresses made out of chocolate.

They offered us bubbles at the entrance, don’t want to be negative but they were warm and not fizzy enough. They had a cocktail bar where you could find mojitos and daiquiris. The wine and spirits bar were installed outside, at the terrace… where people could also smoke.

The BBQ stand was outside also; I know that our society tries to punish smoking people, but to fume them with stinky bbq smell, I think it is pushing it too far. What is gonna be the next step? Inking them with a smoker sign????

In the mean time, if you wanted another glass of champagne, you had to hold on to your glass (even empty) and hope that someone with a bubble bottle will pass by. I made the ultimate mistake and left my glass. When I finally found someone with a bottle, instead of him trying to get me a glass, he asked me to go and get an empty glass…. so I had to go around look for an empty glass.

Off course once I had the empty glass, I had to look again for the bottle man … all this for my second warm glass of bubbles…

Wait a second? Isn’t Beau-Rivage a 5 star hotel? So correct me if I am wrong; shouldn’t the service be impeccable? As the smelling BBQ and the service were bad, I guess they invested their total budget on the music band …

So, after spending an hour at the stinky latino place and chasing warm bubbles, I decided it was time to get my dignity back and leave.

The burnt meat smell was so impregnated on me that even dogs on the street looked at me like a giant piece of meat… and usually that look is exclusive for men ;)

Quirinale was full, and as always they first told us we couldn’t eat at the bar….and as usual we ended up eating at the bar.

It was calmer than a regular Thursday; there were the usual suspects: “estheticians” (the special ladies that refuse to admit they want your money in exchange of favors) and men looking for them… My friend and I ended up chatting with two man: a romantic and a metrosexual. They had a better dinner experience at “Patara” (the Thai restaurant of the Hotel Beau-Rivage)than our party.

Ohh… and guess what? I ordered a bottle of champagne, and finally had my crispy fizzy bubbles that I was craving all night!!!

When my friends called, to ask me to join them at the chef’s table at Rochat, I was the happiest person in the world. Lol I know again happy because of food… you will think something is missing in my life ;)
But come on, we are talking about Philippe Rochat; the disciple of Freddy Girardet; the chef that collected more stars in a culinary world than a kid, in a sugar coma, from candies collected at Halloween.

My friends who organized the dinner told us (the girls) to not have a décolleté, or a mini skirt as we were going to sit in the kitchen where there are 20 men and only 2 women cooks…
In other words as my sister said, “I should cover my boobs for once, so I don’t distract the cooks”.

When we arrived at his restaurant situated at Crissier (near the city of Lausanne), we passed straight from the entrance to the kitchen.
The kitchen reminded me of a bee colony: a huge hive with lots of drones and two bees dressed up in their white cook outfits with their white hats delivering amazing dish after dish. And the Queen of the colony (although I should say the King), Philippe Rochat, giving orders, and checking every plate that leaves the kitchen …
You have to be there to feel the energy. I believe it is the fantasy of every woman and gay man…. A room full of males and yummy food ;)

We decided to take the Fall menu which consists of 11 dishes accompanied with exquisite wines. What can I say, besides that every dish was better than the previous one. Now I understand what Rochat means when he says “No need to overdo the ingredients to bring out the best in a product, just serve three flavors at a time”.

The dishes were tasty but light, and not drowning in sauce … My palate was nicely teased with every new dish. My favorites were the chamois, the turbot and off course the truffle dish that was simply not big enough….

We also had the honor to meet Petula Clark who was having her drink on our table when we arrived. I hesitated to ask her to sing “Downtown” for me.

And the cherry on the cake was to have Phillipe Rochat hanging out with us. He was all serious to start with and I don’t know why he refused that I accompany him to visit the tables, lol. But once the restaurant got calmer, he finally relaxed and let me tell you, this incredible chef is a big charmer as well ;)

I don’t know if I need to say it, but the night was exquisite… The company was great, and I loved every minute of the experience.

And thank you again to my friends who organized it…

This week-end my jeweler from Istanbul came to Geneva for a private sale with his new Fall Collection.
Last year the expo was held at the hotel Cygogne, but this year they wanted a more prestigious hotel, so we picked Hotel President Wilson. They took the luxury suite and transformed it to a cozy living room, where the clients could come, admire the beautiful pieces while sipping their bubbles or wines.

The Fancy Jewelry has several stores in Istanbul, and a clientele from all over the world. This week-end was about their clients who live in Geneva, as well as the newbies.
The pieces were so beautiful, and I can proudly say, I tried all of them. Let me put you some pictures, so you would understand what I am talking about ;)

I was really impressed with Hotel President Wilson, and their services. It is already a beautiful hotel and their policy goes with Nat & The City policy: make the client feel special.

I just wished they would do more events to bring the crowd. The hotel is really beautiful, the flower arrangements would make blush Four Season… but it seems like someone who has a brand new home and is afraid that “the guests” would ruin the new and shiny furniture.
They have to do a Sunday Brunch to start with, everybody goes to la Reserve, cause it is the hotel hip for brunch. The Bar at President could be more hip, and they even have a DJ booth!!!

Anyway, now that the jewelry left, I have less bling bling during my days… And with this non-stop rain, I would need some sparkle to brighten my day.
Thanks god they left me some pieces, so contact me if you need some of my bling bling…. here are the pictures

Again due to my intense traveling I missed the monthly happy hour at Hotel Intercontinental in Geneva. It occurred every last Wednesday of the month in summer. And of course as Geneva doesn’t know glorious summers, they had only three…
Happy that I managed to attempt to at least the 3rd and last one…

We used to go a lot at the Hotel Intercontinental when we were young, as it was basically the only Hotel with a pool. Last year when I first returned I was happily astonished to see the changes that they made at the hotel and especially at the pool. It was not anymore a regular Intercontinental which directly holds connotations of a luxury airport hotel, but a great modern one.

When last night my friends told me they have booked a table, I was thrilled to see what they did with the place. When you arrive, you have to be on a list again… damn is Geneva becoming New York with events and lists ????

They were tables all around the pool and it was interesting to see who would sit on which side…. The system is easy, either you reserve a table and you sit where we sat which had nice lights; or at the end of the pool… which I could call the dark side… as they were seriously missing some lights. I guess some people like to be in the dark. I was happy to be at the light and especially by the entrance so i could check all the new arrivals ;)
The other option is just put yourself on the list, then when you enter either you hit one of the two bars or ask for a table and the bottle that comes with it. And i saw some high tables on the left of the pool, where i guess it works on a first come first served basis.

The night was beautiful, the service was great… But what I really appreciate was the effort that everybody made on clothes. In Geneva when go to an after work, you either go with your work clothes, or you just wear something casual.
Last night everybody was dressed… especially a group of ladies with their little cocktail dresses. Ok, some of them should wear a different outfit, but I give them a big A+ for the effort.

The only thing that my friends thought was a good idea, and I didn’t agree was the corner where they offered relooking… Hair and makeup…
Personally I think it didn’t make any sense; all the ladies were already dolled up and even some were dressed to impress…. So why to propose them another look?
It would have been a better fit if it were during a ladies lunch or an afternoon high tea.

The food and beverage…. well as I am trying to shred the spaghettis, focaccias, kebaps and pides of the summer, I didn’t have my usual poison…I had a different kind of bubbles… Badoit ;)
But I couldn’t resist so taste the mezzes and they were very quite good…

So overall it was a great event, beautiful setting, great DJ from Ibiza, nice crowd, great service, amazing weather with the full moon and as usual great company…
Otherwise how you would explain why I have stayed 5 hours, where I was supposed to say max 2 …

Everybody in Geneva knows it by now that if you want to have a great view of Geneva, chill and drink some bubbles you go to the rooftop of Hotel Metropole.

My friend who is renting and managing it until September 4th, made a trial last year for few nights, and when she saw it was a total success decided to take it for few months this summer. And this summer “Cafe Delux” was one of the hits of Geneva. As I was running around all summer, finally I made it yesterday.

Thanks god one of my friends made a table reservation. When I arrived at the elevators, I remembered my days in New York at the rooftop hotels such as Gansewort or Soho house; where you queue in front of the elevators where you have to be on a list.
It is a very critical moment, are you going to be able to have access to 7th Heaven, or you are one of the “peuple” (common people) and you need to stay on the ground????
So believe me last night when I saw the bouncer refusing people without pitty, I was very happy to be on that magic list.

When you arrive finally at the rooftop, you have 360 degrees of Geneva’s view. There are tables on each side, the ones on the right are comfy lounge chairs, and the others are high tables with chairs. The DJ booth is in the middle, and at the end of the terrace you have the bar. So you chose the view that you want: people’s legs and butts or Geneva’s jet d’eau…
We were at a high table, so I just checked Geneva…

The service was good, the girls were always making sure that we were fine and had everything we needed. My only problem was that after few glasses of bubbles I needed to eat and unfortunately the kitchen was closed… I guess the mini burgers that I saw making their way during the evening, would be for the next time…

The crowd… a bit of everything; group of friends, boys and girls hunting, or just people chilling out while sipping their drinks… Don’t go there with a date though, cause it is a great place to meet people. There are cute boyzz and girlzzz, and as the place is not very big, walking around makes you interfere directly with the people… And if you are single, I highly recommend not getting a table, just mingle near the bar (the real meat market).
And if you are single but like your comfort and have a table…. (basically like me) Then I advise you to make several visits to the bathroom, which obliges you to mingle ;) )))
Yesterday I heard that a friend of mine actually met his wife at the rooftop of Metropole…. Thank you Café Delux!!!

I remember in New York, during happy hour on Thursdays, the bar of Four Season Hotel was the meat market… although didn’t last long as the “professionals” made their way very quickly…
So I guess Café Delux is the Geneva “meet meat spot”, and the good news is that I haven’t seen any professionals, and believe me it is a challenge in Geneva. I guess after all there are benefits to have someone at the door…

In French we say, “il vaut mieux tard que jamais” litterally meaning better late than never… It took me some time to go to the rooftop, but so happy that I finally made it.
And if you haven’t been, I advise you to do so, but I highly recommend to reserve a table, because it would be a such a pity to arrive to that famous elevator door and be banned from 7th Heaven ;) ))