This week-end my friend’s (the Meerkat) husband (M. Deco) asked to all of us to join them in London, to celebrate her birthday.

You know me… they say party with friends, well I am there. Especially when it is for the Meerkat, as she was my partner in crime when we were both singles in New York. We did lots of Safari nights in the city ;)

Once in London, we all met at the hotel for bubbles and go to our favorite restaurant, “Cecconi’s”. The group was composed of the London usual suspects, the Meerkat and M. Deco, Miss Speakeasy with her man (my spiritual son), the party animal (believe me no party is the same without her) and later the Tornado joined us.

Cecconi’s, located in Mayfair, is an Italian restaurant with Venitian inspired food. My favorite part of the restaurant is the booths. They are all covered in dark green velvet, and you feel so comfy that you don’t want to leave your table. I guess that is one of the reasons that making a reservation is very hard… Thanks God M. Deco has connections and he makes it happen every time I fly to London.

We ordered few appetizers to share, then some people took pasta some other meat. Let’s be honest I don’t go to Cecconi’s mainly for food. Cecconi’s means, an incredible crowd and ambiance. I think I have never seen that restaurant empty. I am not talking about the usual breakfast, lunch or dinner times, I am talking about between those hours.

Another good point of Cecconi’s is is the crowd, ok you have some occasional “professionals”, but it is full of cute men and women, ready to mingle and have a great time.

I will say to the singles, the perfect place to have a drink at the bar. It is a win win situation: you will always have a good time, but you can also meet your mate ;)

We started at Cecconi’s at 3pm, we were 6 people… at passed 7pm, we were 10 very “happy and loud” people.

Once again, I had a blast. Of course, the company was amazing, and we can enjoy even a bad location; but Cecconi’s has this vibe that just makes you feel good…. Maybe not that much the following day, but that’s another post….