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After waiting for 8 years, I finally saw my girl having the happiness she deserved. I was in Milan for her wedding :)

As I don’t take the plane anymore for Milano (for the ones who don’t know, check my previous Milano adventures), I took the train. After two movies, I was in my cab bringing me to “The Gray” Hotel.

The Gray is situated just next to Rinascente and across the Duomo. It is a very modern boutique hotel with an amazing staff. The rooms are lovely, but a little small. On the other hand, let’s not forget we are in a boutique Hotel in Italy, and not in a chain hotel in the States.

My biggest problem will be, the thermostat in the room and the “do not disturb” sign. They both were in the same unit that works with the electricity. And you have power when you have the key in the wall.

I know you will all say, “you think everywhere is warm”, but I promise this time it was quite hot. The thermostat showed 27 degrees and not possible to set it lower. My plan was to keep the windows open while I was not in the room, so when I come back, could shut them and eliminate the street noise, and have cooler temperature.

Guess what? When you take your key, you lose power… you lose electricity, you lose the “do not disturb” sign as well, and your room becomes an open door for every staff in the hotel (who kept closing my window).

Not particularly clever their system!!! What happened to the old good “do not disturb” sign that you can hang on your door???

Anyway, this little problem, didn’t stop me to have the best time, and let’s be honest if you are in Milan, you don’t sit in your room, you just go out to walk and shop 

The civil wedding took place on Thursday afternoon, near Milano Due. It was beautiful and then we hit the “Four season Hotel” for aperetivo.

The Fours Season in Milan used to be an old convent, and they kept some of the walls intact. It is a beautiful hotel between via Monte Napoleone and Via dells Spiga. In other words between my two favorite streets ;)

No need to say, the rooms are very cheap ;) you don’t simply pay the name of the hotel, you also pay the address… when I used to live in Milan, I liked their aperitivo as the food that came with was yummy.

You know in Milan, the happy hour is sacred; they bring you lot’s of food while you have your drink. Some places even have a buffet with yummy foods.

At the “Four Season Hotel” you don’t have a buffet, you have waiters bringing you the food. The tip is to tip them well, so the food never stops ;)

This time we took over the room in the back near the fire place. I guess the crisis even hit the hotels, because while sipping our bubbles they only brought breaded olives stuffed with tuna, and fried sage leaves. We had to order some mini sandwiches, which will have never happened in the past.

The crowd on the other side didn’t change, some guest having relaxed meetings and some shoppers, drawn under their shopping bags, having their drinks.
Let’s not forget my favorite clients: some Russian special ladies, sorry in Milan their code name is models, entertaining their “uncles”.

We had our fun, we were not there to eat just to celebrate the union of my girl and the wise man, and off course check out the crowd a little ;)

This morning when I woke up, I still had the wine, sake and vodka in my blood… Thanks god didn’t have too many appointments. I spent my day between rain and sunshine walking in the streets of Milan, trying to finish my errands. I walked so much that at the end of the day I couldn’t feel my feet. But everybody knows how retail therapy can make you feel better.
When I returned to my shoe box at Hotel Cavour, I kept trying to reach Malpensa for my suitcases, and finally at 5pm they announced me that it would arrive to my hotel that night around 10 – 11pm.
Well I guess another night where I should do creative clothing with what I have and what I have purchased. My friend brought me to this bar for aperitivo called Blanco, which is situated in Porta Venezia. I always say that I love the Milanese aperetivo, because next to your drinks they always bring you food to nibble. When we arrived it was quite empty, but while we were sipping our bubbles and eating the yummy appetizers, it started to fill up a lot. The crowd was composed a bit of everything; cute boys and girls, good music and very good vibe. You could find casually dressed up people just chilling out as well as the ones who spent hours in front of the mirror and who couldn’t enjoy their drink simply because they needed to know if someone was looking at them.
Overall it was fun, but we had to leave as we had dinner reservation at Osteria Del Corso in Brera. It is known to be a who’s who restaurant, so with my Milan luck I was sure I would see another football player… we all know that the real celebrities in Milan are the models, and the football players. Although my friends explained me that it would be the usual crowd. Tonight we just saw Piero Chiambretti, who is a famous anchor for the midnight Chiambretti show. Otherwise there were big groups of women and men. And with our luck we had the most annoying voice sitting next to us. She couldn’t stop talking, and it sounded like nails going down a board, you know that horrible voice… But even that annoying voice didn’t ruin my dinner. I had an amazing swordfish Carpaccio followed by a finger licking spaghetti with lobster, all this with a great wine and company. I really advise you to go there and enjoy a good meal. The working stuff and the owner are amazing as well.
My second day was less stressful and the fact that I received my luggage helped it. It was at 11.30pm, just in time to take it back with me to Geneva for Friday my morning train. Yes train, nothing would make me take that Twin Jet plane again, which could be described as Bermuda triangle for luggage, and/or fear box!!!!