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“Via Tornabuoni”, if I literally translate it, it would be “the street that returns good”….
Do I need to add more about this famous shopping street in Florence? All my friends were there; Prada, Fendi, Cavalli, Channel, Valentino just to cite my favorites… and they had the whole new Fall collection. No need to say I did some retail therapy, and guess what??? even forgot to eat…

I had an expresso at Cavalli’s Café called “Caffe Giacosa”… passed by the famous mozzarella bar Obikà. It is a new restaurant concept which centers its offering on the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP, together with the research of recipes and artisanal products typical of the Italian tradition.
In other words it is like a sushi bar (let’s admit even the name sounds like Japanese), but instead of sushis the chef prepares different kind of Mozzarella.

After doing some damage, checked out from the hotel and drove to Florence airport. My flight back was short, an hour and 15 minutes.
And when arrived to Geneva, I was curious to know if my car would be there, because I had decided to try a car service called “Parking Friend”.

It is basically a service that picks up your car from the departures, and brings it back at the arrivals when you are back. It coast much less than the airport parking, and you can ask them to wash, or even do some mechanical work.
They have a website, so when my sister asked me, if it was secure to leave my car with the keys to a stranger, I told her, I don’t think they planned a big scheme to steal my Fiat Panda. I hope for them that they have bigger targets… lol.

But in the back of my head, I was thinking, what if… anyway, good news!!! my Panda was all clean waiting for me at the airport. And I really liked the efficiency of Parking Friend. When you make the calculations, it comes to cheaper to take your car and ask them to hand wash, than take a taxi (and we all know how Geneva taxi’s are expensive), and bring it to parking de Rive, where they hand wash superficially and you pay a lot….

OMG, I am already back in Geneva, I need to plan my next trip!!!!

With the Fall the Wednesday ladies night starts at Griffins club in Geneva
Open Bar “champagne” for the ladies from 10 pm to 2am

Dj Resident : Ricky Galliano

Griffin’s Club – Restaurant
bd Helvétique 36,
Genève, GE, 1207

For reservations +41(0)22 735 2829

Tonight Geneva’s  rue due Rhone would be  full of people from 6.30pm. People would be able to taste wines from differeny vinyards in each shop…

You have to be  invited by at least in one store, so you can get the bracelet that would let you wonder around…

have fun!!! and don’t take your car;))))

The opening is tonight, July 29th, it is located at the Quai Général Guisan / Geneva

From 6pm you can taste some amuse-bouche and enjoy the view of the jet d’eau.

Don’t miss it, it would last only 10 days during Geneva festivities…

Hopefully it won’t rain anymore, otherwise bring your goggles ;)

their website

Come discover Geneva’s most Exclusive outdoor Terrace pool, Bayview at the President Wilson Hotel!
Live music will be played by DJ Edmond Doux Jesus, and Lebanese mezzes from the hotel’s famous restaurant L’Arabesque will be offered for all guests!

Free Entrance and open to all from 6 30 pm, so bring your friends to make this event a success!

For Table reservations and Info:
Phone: +41(22) 906 6745

One of the top events of Java Club, wear your white clothes and dance the night away!!!

Grand Hotel Kempinski
Quai du Mont-Blanc 19
1201 Geneve
To book a table call 022 908 9088

” Exams Are Over ” time to party for students!!!!
Don’t forget to bring your student card ;)

Grand Hotel Kempinski
Quai du Mont-Blanc 19
1201 Geneve
To book a table call 022 908 9088

All my friends know that I am a shoe addict, when I see a pair that I love, I need to have them, and sometimes I am ashamed of the price that I put in shoes. Once of my bosses in the past even proposed me to pay with shoes instead of money. What can I say some people invest in property, I invest in shoes…

I have purchased my first Louboutin, couple of years ago when I first created my company in NY to congratulate myself… I had to have one, because I thought it was very sexy wearing those red sole pumps.
You have to understand, wearing a Louboutin is not that easy, you have to have very thin toes, otherwise you might need to cut your fourth finger. At the beginning, I remember having tears in my eyes cause I wanted to keep them all night long.
But with time you learn, some put some Vaseline in their toes (be careful to not put too much cause you risk the fly), my trick is to buy a size bigger to have more space in the front, and believe it or not train myself to wear them. And it works; now I have several “les putains” as I call them and they are among my most comfy shoes.

When I moved back to Geneva, I was very sad, because there was only one store selling them but only basics that I already owned, so I needed to travel again to buy them.
But good news Geneva, since December, Geneva has its own Louboutin store…
I have tried to be strong and not go to the store, but today I had to go… come on, I just came from detox and lost weight, and when some people buy clothes to celebrate that, I need to buy shoes ;)
So after lunch I went to their store in rue du Rhone (which is our Via Montenapoleone, or our Madisson Avenue). It is a beautiful store on two levels, I highly advise to check upstairs as well, the working staff is very helpful and sweet. And the most important, they have a great selection, and they have sizes.
While I was trying my future adopted kids, the store was very busy. And almost everyone was leaving with at least one pair of “les putains”.
I guess the crisis is not touching the sexy red sole pumps in Geneva!!!!

Lately I am trying to take more and more baths because of my back problems. So I decided to check out the good bath products that could make me relax and smell good. I know Occitane is a great brand, and has great products. So I went to their store in Geneva.
When you enter the store, you smell all these aromas from “la Provence”, and you basically are tempted to buy everything. I asked for the “lavender, fizzy pebble for the bath”, and they took out a pack of three and informed me that they are sold separately for CHF 5.50,- each. I thought it was expensive, but thought this is supposed to be the “caviar” of the bath products so bought two; and told to myself you will use them for special days.
So when the special day arrived, I was all excited about it, effectively the water became purple, a nice smell filled the room. But honestly once you are in it, it didn’t relax me or made me feel more special than any other brand. Actually I might even say, I felt more effects with the brand that I buy at the Coop (Geneva’s main grocery store) for CHF 1.50,- than with the Occitane one. At least after the cheap one, my body still smells Lavender… and I can have almost 4 baths for the price of one…
Occitane, I love your body creams but, but forget me for the bath products.

In every country I live or even visit, I always manage to have someone who comes home for my massage and nails… although in NY you don’t need anyone for the nails, cause there are more nail spas than Starbucks at every corner of town. but the problem is for waxing…
Boys, this normally doesn’t include you , unless u want to have your chest waxed ;) In Geneva, I have my massage therapist, who is amazing and I know she does waxing as well, but I prefer to use my time with her having a good massage. For the nails, I have the quickest woman of the world. And I know in Geneva there is a network of Bresilians who does it as well, for a cheaper price, but I personally don’t really like they way of putting the nail polish… they basically color all your fingers, and then with the nail polish remover clean the sides… I wear always dark nail polish colors, so imagine the mess, I end up having irritated blue/purple.blackish fingers….
anyway let’s talk about the waxing…
in Geneva, everything needs to be by appointment, but I discovered this place, where you don’t take an appointment, you can go any time you want, and you never wait more than 15 min. And the plus is that you can buy a yearly card, so you pay peanuts and it is quick.
So if you are in town and you have half an hour to kill before your next appointment, you can just go to L’ile de Beaute and get over with it.