Geneva is a city where everybody likes to go to their same old places to eat. The classics never die… Everybody says they want new, but let’s admit we rarely give a chance to the new spots.

For few months now, I hear about this new Italian restaurant called “Asseyez-Vous”. The general idea is, the food is great (everything organic), but overpriced.

I finally decided to try it out; it was for the birthday of Patou. B & B girls, meaning my mom, sis, Patou and her mom are like me good restaurant critics, and let’s admit very harsh critics, lol. Whom else I could chose to try this new spot ;)

Although everybody is disappointed with the décor, I personally liked it a lot. The good thing is the menu changes every 2 -3 days; which shows that the cook gets inspired by the fresh products he buys. On the down side, when he decides a dish, you have no chance to change it… or our waitress is scared of him cause every time we asked for a minor change, she kept saying, “the cook won’t accept”.

We started with a cold salmon soup, and I think from far it was the best dish I had there. I liked it because it was very original and tasty. For the main course, we all asked for the pastas. We had the option between two pastas, spaghetti with lobster, and squid ink ravioli filled with mussels and grated bottarga on top.

We wanted to share both dishes and asked our waitress if she could split them and off course she refused… apparently it won’t go with the cook’s dish concept…

I opted for the one with lobster; it was too salty and garlicky for me. I tried the other plate which was a bit too dry and waaaay to salty as well. They say if the food is too salty, it means the cook is in love… actually it was right, because the cook’s love interest works there as well, and they don’t hide their affection ;)

They somehow caught up with the desserts; much better than the main courses, tiramisu and panna cotta.

I seriously don’t know if we made the wrong choices; the “cote de boeuf” (T-bone steak) looked amazing.

But let me tell you something, everybody is right… it is way too expensive. For a cold salmon soup and a pasta dish, with a bottle of wine and 2 desserts, we paid 100 usd per head. I guess if we had the t-bone, it will have been even more expensive…

I was so excited to try this new restaurant, but will I return there? I doubt.
I think the cook, should continue his love affair, but slow down on salt and be a bit more flexible…

Thanks god with the B & B girlzzz we always have a great time, so made the best out of it… Patou I promise you, next year I will make a better choice ;)

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