You know in your life there is one restaurant where you feel home. Well Auberge Communal d’Onex is where I feel that.

The first time I have been there I was around 10 years old. At that time, I was in boarding school in Lausanne, and my parents would come often to visit from Turkey.

I still remember the first time I saw the restaurant, it looked like a cottage. When we entered as the owner, Valentino and his wife (now ex wife) welcomed us at the door.

I genuinely thought we were going to dinner at my parent’s friends’ house… beautiful house.

Valentino and his staff (that never changed) saw me grow up throughout the years. Every time I go I have a feeling to be back home. They are also happy to see their once grumpy little girl becoming a woman.

The restaurant serves Italian food. When you sit they bring you several bowls right away of stuff the nibble. You have the parmesan cheese, tomatoes, radish, olives or anything that is fresh from the market.

Then you order your food. My favorite dish there is the “orecchio d’elefante”, literally the “elephant ear”. First time I was scared to see a real elephant ear on my plate, but quickly discovered that it is actually a veal Milanese, battered so thin that it becomes huge and looks like an elephant ear.

In winter, we have the chance to taste all the plate with white truffles, my favorite from far is the risotto with truffles.

What I like about Valentino’s food is that he looks what is fresh in the market, and you don’t need to open the menu. He simply tells you what are his latest market purchases and makes you a fresh salad of puntarella or artichokes.

The after dinner treats at Auberge d'Onex

The after dinner treats at Auberge d'Onex

When you finish your main courses, they bring you several jars of candy (candy that reminds you of your childhood), amaretti; bowls filled with of chocolate, fruit, chocolate mousse; plates of cannoli (Sicilian pastry dessert and my sister’s favorite), éclair and so much more…. And if you still need some more sweet, they have their dessert cart.

How can you not feel home with all this? Not that at home I have all those jars and bowls of sugar coma ;)

When you look around, you see that most of the patrons are like you, usual suspects. Valentino and his staff know each and every of them.

For the price, well it is not cheap and they don’t accept plastic (so no credit cards), so you better pass by a cash machine before going. Although lately I saw few clients paying with one… but worst, he takes your address and sends you the bill home.

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