As I had a very big and calorific breakfast, didn’t manage to eat the rest of the day. In the late afternoon met my boys for an early dinner at Bianca.
Located on Bleecker street, this small Italian restaurant is all about flavors and homemade foods. You cannot book, so you have to just hope they have an empty table, or wait for one… or know the owner. And yes, my boys knew the owner so we right away had a table.

When we entered the owner told me that he was going to make me work, gave me the menus for the table, and told me where was our table. I guess they are really trying to make you feel home;)

We first ordered an artichoke salad and mussels to share, and after our waitress came to tell us the specials. She seemed to recite her lesson; and with her heavy accent (Polish I believe) I didn’t get any plates… But she was so sweet that I didn’t want her to repeat as my friend was already laughing at my perplexed face.

So I took what the boys suggested: Lasagna. I have chosen the regular one, but a friend tried the vegetarian one, which had aubergines and tomatoes and parmesan. Yes i thought the same thing, it looked lie a melanzane alla parmigiana.

I knew it would be heavy but they told me it is a must so had to go with it. I can say it: yummy!!!!
You know the kind of comfort food that you crave when it is cold outside? And totally a hangover food as well… it would suck all the alcohol out of you.
I think the whole restaurant was a great winter spot. You know it is cold and snowing outside, and you enter to this warm and cosy place to eat the nonna’s (grandma’s) food…

If I can give you a tip though, try to sit in the front room, cause where I was sitting, in the back, it was very hot. Between the heat of the kitchen and the lasagna, I was literally melting…

But I guess in a freezing New York winter night, I would be more than happy to have some heat ;)

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