So today I have started my fasting for 10 days, I am sure you are not interested on my lovely meals composed of soup, juice and herbal teas. And some of you think that I am crazy, but believe me it is amazing, you are not hungry at all, and u feel great. Last year I fasted for 22 days, and I was at the peak of my creativity.
What do I do all day long? workout like a mad woman, do walks in the countryside… and off course it was a very good excuse to buy hiking shoes (with no heels believe it or not) and an outfit for that to make my fashion statement ;)
And I finally do massages every day… and discovered “Chi Nei Tsang” which literally means “working the energy of the internal organs”. It is a holistic approach to the healing touch modality of old Taoist Chinese origin. It integrates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being.
It is a massage mainly used for 4 reasons; it detoxifies, it helps to restructure and strengthen the body, it helps us to deal better with our emotional life, and it teaches us to know ourselves better.
Basically, it is a massage that lasts 45 minutes, where the therapist is pressing some points in your abdomen, which helps you to let go all the emotional and physicals blockages.
I became an addict, cause after every session, you feel great, so if you have time and find a specialist, I highly advise u to try it out.

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