This Saturday we decided to get all together and have dinner at Cipriani downtown. My brother and his wife couldn’t make it, but my Lady Fleur, ma Rose Bon Bon with her man (the Diamond guy), the Russian (or Ring Ding for close friends), my Gal, and the Carlyle Group (Gros Minux and the Photographer) were there.

In NY, there are several Cipriani’s and my favorite is the one in Soho… I know New Yorkers consider it as a eurotrash spot, and there are lots of dady’s kids and show off people… but guess what I like the food and I am a eurotrash after all ;) and between us I think people who don’t like Cipriani are the ones who cannot get a table.

Normally even if you have a table, you might be waiting a long time to be seated . Thanks to the Russian Ring Ding, who is a very good customer, we didn’t wait that much. What can I say, besides; it is beneficial to know connected people ;)

To start with, we ordered some grilled artichokes, tuna carpaccio, artichoke salad with shaved parmesan and avocado, and calamari to share… it was yummy, and the food disappeared in seconds.

To continue we wanted they famous “Radicchio Risotto”, unfortunately, they couldn’t make it that night. So we ended up taking a “Risotto al Pesto”, their “Rigatoni Alla Genovese” and “Tagliata of Prime Beef Sirloin”. My least favorite was the risotto and i died for the rigatoni, and the meat as usual was great quality!!!

Sorry no pics available this time cause I was busy sipping on my grey goose on the rocks when the food arrived.
Yes I know, no bubbles for once… but we all know my other favorite drink is vodka (especially Grey Goose) on the rocks.

The place was packed as usual, no celebrities (besides us) people waiting at the bar were not quite happy with us, because we were taking our time; finally, we decided to head to B.E.S. for a last drink.

You know B.E.S. is my new favorite place: for dinner or for drinks… It feels like home, and the fact that my new sublet is a block away really helps 

Let’s say I had a very looooong night… one of those when the following morning you regret bitterly, and no alkazelser really cures  but it was damn worth it, I had a blast!!!

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