Have you ever heard of Comerc 24 in Barcelona? No??? Have you ever heard of El Bulli at Cala Montjoi? Well if you haven’t heard that one either than you should wonder what you are doing reading my blog…. Cause every foodie (and most of non-foodies) knows about El Bulli.

El Bulli is one of the best restaurants in the world where finding a reservation is more difficult than having tea with the Queen. Ferran Adria, the chef, has been acclaimed the best chef in the world.

Carles Aballan, chef of Comerc 24, used to work with Ferran Adria at El Bulli, until he decided to continue his own adventure. In 2001, he opened Comerc 24 in Barcelona which became rapidly one of the best known tables in the city.

His concept is simple; he took all the tapas, and revised them with his creativity and worldwide influence. The result? Amazing.

The Marmelades have already been to Comerc 24 during their vacation week. The experience was so great that, they decided to go back and share the yummy food with me.

Thanks to his social skills, Ring Ding managed to find us a table for Saturday night. I think I have never seen Magician and Twinkie so excited about a restaurant, lol.

When you first sit, they open your appetite with four different olive oils… Everybody already knew what they wanted. The parents and I took the festival menu, where you have the chance to taste a bit of everything. Twinkie and Magician opted for fewer plates, their tuna tartar looked amazing and when you see the speed it was gone, I guess it was delicious as well.

Let me tell you the highlights among the dishes…

Pizza 24, on a bread crust they put anchovies, mozzarella bites, ruccola salad, strawberries and some truffle oil… as the Magician pointed out “each bite is an explosion of different tastes in your mouth”.

The filo Parma, lemon and basil and the monkfish were also incredible. The famous “kinder egg” (not the chocolate with a surprise in it), was very interesting as well. It was filled with truffles and very interesting taste.

On the main plates, we had some seafood dish: the Dashi with cockles, razor clams Yakisoba and Lavaneres peas and potera squid. Then they brought us a rabbit and an ox sirloin.

My favorites were the seafood dishes… I don’t eat rabbit, and the sirloin wasn’t that impressive.

And also let’s be honest… even if the portions are tiny, after the 8th dish you are not that hungry anymore.

Well you will think that, but when the desserts arrived, the appetite came back…. My favorites among the five deserts (yes five… without counting the petit fours)?

Bread oil, chocolate and salt… I loved the combination of this extra virgin olive oil on the chocolate and the salt just made it better. As Twinkie and Magician pointed out, their “oreos” were amazing was to die for. Instead of two cookies they had two caramelized sesame toasts, and it gave another dimension to the “oreo”.

We accompanied our dinner with this amazing wine, Scala Dei Priorat Cartoixa 75. The sommelier took a good ten minutes to open it. And believe me, it was worth the wait….

While we drank our wine, Twinkie and Magician (especially Twinkie) finished their water reserve, lol.

After 4 hours of food festival in our mouth, we left the restaurant very satisfied.

I advise everyone to try Comerc 24, the décor is very modern and the service is impeccable. Some people say that it is too expensive; let’s say it is not cheap, but worth every penny of it.

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