This year I decided to cook a Thanksgiving dinner and told some friends to join me.

In the states Thanksgiving is a big deal. The reason is simple: the country is composed of so many religions, colors or beliefs that while some celebrate Christmas, others celebrate Diwali or Rosh Hashanah. One thing for sure, everybody celebrates Thanksgiving Day.
All the kids travel to their parent’s home to spend that day with the family.

For me Thanksgiving means: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade which consists of 25 enormous air balloons, a turkey that nobody really loves but eats anyways and busy airports with long cab lines. The best part of it? The following day… they call it “Black Friday”, where you have incredible sales on everything. Believe me it is worth it :)

As in Geneva, we don’t have any of this and some people don’t even know Thanksgiving, it was fun to organize it. The dinner is made up of a turkey and lots of side dishes such as yams (sweet potatoes), cranberry jelly, cornbread, sweet corns and a pecan pie as a dessert.

I didn’t find a fresh American turkey in Geneva, so I ordered a French one from “Boucherie du Molard”. The good news is that they deliver so I didn’t need to walk around with my heavy bird.
For the stuffing, I decided to put aside all the recipes that I had and created a homemade one, with rice, foie gras, dry raisins, ground veal and grated green apples..
For the side dishes thank god we have a few American stores and I discovered a great one in Cologny called “American Avenue Market”. No need to say I emptied the store.
And thank god I have my mom and sis who took care of the dessert: pecan pie and pumpkin pie…. yummy.

The big challenges of Thanksgiving when you are not in the states? Well to start with we don’t have big ovens…. And my turkey of roughly 15 pounds felt a little tight in my oven. I called him Romeo as we spent the whole day together, from cleaning him to filling him up and taking care of him so he wasn’t too dry. This special bond didn’t help my back pain, but it was worth it.
Romeo was delicious and moist… He delivered every expectations I had of him. It was a perfect vacation fling ;)

For Thanksgiving we are supposed to say why we are thankful. Well, I am thankful for my mom and sis to help me and my friends to join us…. And I am thankful for Romeo to be there for us;)
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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