My brother and his wife are in New York for Xmas shopping. He loves meat, I guess it runs in the family… we are all carnivores, you should see my niece.

Anyway, whenever he comes to NY he loves going for lunch at “Del Frisco’s Steakhouse”, and told me I have to go and try it. This steakhouse opened it’s doors the first time 20 years ago in Dallas. It is an institute for great meat… and come on even Gerald Butler asked for it as his last meal in “Law Abiding Citizen” ;)

We decided to meet for lunch, and my NY girl,who is known as Lady Fleur, joined us. The place is huge, two floors and we sat upstairs.

So while you check your menu, they bring you a warm delicious bread. After you eat your bread you start listening your waiters’ speech. Ours name was Paul: I have never seen someone talking so fast without taking any breath.

We ended up starting with crab cakes that are real crabs, not the food processed crab meat, followed by filet mignon. My brother and I love our meat rare, almost alive. When the meat arrived it was rare ok, but was cold.

When I told Paul about it, his first response was well you want it rare, so we didn’t cook a lot… I agree it cannot be boiling, but it is not my first rare meat, and I never had it cold. So he took it back and brings it back warm (I guess it works so why not bringing right the first time????)

Let me tell you it was worth the wait… the meat literally melted in my mouth. One of the best filet mignon that I had for a while.

To complete our light lunch, Paul proposed us their signature dessert: Lemon cake… imagine a several layers of lemon, lemon cream, lemon frosting cake, every bite worth 1000 calories. I would have taken a picture but the minute it landed on the table we jumped on it.

We all were a little disappointed about it: not enough lemony, too sweet, too dry…. All the reasons were present to not eating it, but don’t know why we cleaned the plate, lol.

So to resume, I need to thank my bro for the good address, and if you are in New York and want to have a good steak (and not go to Peter Lugar in Brooklyn), go to Del Friscos Steakhouse.

It is a block away from Saks Fifth Avenue, and definitely worth it. Here is a good tip, eat there, and walk a block for retail therapy.

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