As you know Eataly opened few months ago in NY. For the ones who don’t know, or who didn’t read my post on Eataly (shame on you), it is a mini Italy in Flatiron district. You can find all the fresh products, and you can sit in one of the numerous sections to eat those products.
Off course no need to say: you have to pay a lot of money to eat in Italy at Eataly. Someone has to pay back the investors…

The first time, I have tried the meat section, it was yummy. This time wanted to try the fish section. With my friend we decided to sit at the bar, and we ordered grilled fish and some side orders (as the fish comes alone).

She wanted some salad, but they didn’t have; you have to go to the vegetables section. I asked for coffee; but again, I had to go to the coffee section. So basically if you sit at Fish section, you only eat fish and some sides. So think carefully before making your choice…
Or do like my bar neighbors… have appetizers at fish section, than pay to go to pasta/pizza section for main course, and if you want desert, buy it at the bakery section and bring it to the coffee section for your espresso.
Seriously they have to tip the customers instead of the waiters; we do the entire job running from one section to the other one, and on top of it, we pay lots of money for this. Thanks god the food is good otherwise I don’t know why one would go…

Another tip, as we couldn’t make up our mind, we ordered the three side orders that they were offering (5$ each). You have a mini plate where you have few veggies and few potatoes hanging out. Next to me a lady ordered one side dish. Believe me her chard with “invisible” pancetta (cause although it was written on the menu, you couldn’t see them on the plate) was the triple quantity than mine.
And you know me; cannot wait for a good argument, called the waiter and told him “I hope you are not charging me 15$ for the same amount of veggies that you serve for 5$.” The poor boy panicked called me the responsible, who had to admit it was ridiculous and brought some extra chard and potatoes.
Told them this is not right, don’t take your customers for granted, you should be careful the next time. Off course they apologized and said I was right. But between you and me I am sure they will keep doing it.

So in sum, I love the quality of food in Eataly. But paying 100$ for 2 pieces of fish a little plate of side, and 2 glasses of wine is definitely a rip off. And let’s not forget this is the price without the tip…. you have to add a 15 to 20% on it.
Don’t get me wrong, I would understand if I was in a good restaurant were the service was great, but sitting at a bar paying that seems a little crazy.

Again I am totally in love for Eataly; but just to buy the expensive products, not to fight to get a table to eat and pay too much. At least I will cut the cooks salary (as I presume we are also paying that) and the waiters tip and just pay their rent…

Next time that I will see Mario Batali at Eataly with his orange hair and not less orange crocs, I would definitely tell him what I think about it ;)

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