My best friend’s boyfriend is out of town this week, so he is my date for the whole week. So we do lots of catching up…

As he had already a dinner planned we decided to meet at his office so he can show me his new t-line and grab lunch. As he was tired of listening people bragging about how ecological they were; he decided to put some humor and create a T line and totes with anti-eco slogans to awake the awareness.
You have to check his website I personally love “be organic, eat an organ”, LOL

I was very excited to learn that his office is just by “Eataly”. I am sure you heard about it, and if you didn’t it is about time. They opened it few weeks ago in New York. The concept is simple… imagine all the best amazing fresh products now put them in a beautiful room, and add some chairs and tables. So either you can buy these fresh product, or eat them at the seating points divided by gender… pasta, pizza, pesce (fish), manzo (meat), salumi (cold cuts) and verdure (vegetables).

I guess I don’t need to add more, it is just mouth watering… We selected the meat section (you know I am a carnivore). My complaints? There was not enough food, I would have easily eaten two portions of my tagliata (sliced beef). And don’t believe when they say, “affordable prices”; it is very expensive… worth it, but expensive.

And the good news? This is especially for the single ladies out there. Ohh and as we are in New York; for single gay men as well…. There are lots of hot men in eataly; gay, straight, bi….who cares, they are all hot!!!

And let’s be honest, if they are at Eataly, it means they appreciate the good quality products… so you won’t end up for your first date, a la terasse du subway for an early bird special;)

i am telling you, it is gonna be my new hangout… good food, good wine and hot men; what else can a girl wish????

PS. I am putting this post under “Nat’s tips” category as well; you know as you can buy food and meet a hubby? or a wife at the same time …

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