When I tell you thanks to my friends I always discover new places, I am not lying. Last night we decided to explore “Fat Radish” that literally opened 3 days ago.
So I went with my boys and the family to be the testers of this new spot in Chinatown. It is so new that finding the phone number was the first challenge. The second was to fight the Friday traffic and the bad mood of the cab drivers.

When finally we arrived to the restaurant, I was very nicely surprised. When you enter on your right you have a coffee and juice bar, and the main room reminds you of a botanical garden. Especially when you know that it used to be a sausage factory of Chinatown…
It just feels like home (and not because of it’s sausage past).
It was really packed, some like us had a booking, and some others simply saw the light and entered….

We ordered several appetizers and main courses to share. It was another challenge because the names are so complicated that you need a dictionary to understand, and even though our waitress tried to explain, it is a total surprise when the plate arrives.
A good one, but a surprise… and the low light factor puts you in a romantic mood, but doesn’t really help you to see your plate… thanks god I took pictures for you guys and we saw what we were eating.

So we started with “Heirloom Carrots, Crispy Kale & Hijiki Seaweed”, which is basically a fancy way of saying salad; “Beet Crumble, aged cheddar & Oats” which is a good way to make beet to kids, cause it is wrapped with cheese and crumbles; “Brown rice Kedgeree, Smoked Hake, Rock Shrimp & Persley”, this one can be 3 different dish… you have a brown rice risotto, a smoke Hake with rock shrimps and finally a poached egg ( I know interesting that they pointed out the parsley and not the egg…

They were all delicious, and let me tell you what a pleasure to finally find a place that has tasty dish without adding truffle oil or bacon. Come on, if I put truffle oil on a shoe sole, it would be delicious as well.
Beside that we had the “Blue Cheese Pork Pie” where there the taste of the blue cheese was too strong.

For main courses it was again very complicated names, so many words to say Sea Bass, Scallops and Duck.
The service was great, and as we waited too long for the main courses they offered us our second bottle. No surprise i was with my best friend and his man; and as I am his added value … we always receive drinks and gifts wherever we go ;)
Joke aside i think it was a very nice gesture… and let me tell you, for a restaurant that opened few days before, I was really impressed how the team was working well together.

Overall I highly advise the restaurant, great service, and great crowd. My only complaint would be the lack of light on the tables. Already you need to bring your dictionary for understanding the food, and if you cannot see them as well… just blindfold me and surprise me…

Simply a great way to starting the week-end, a nice new restaurant discovery… and off course I had to go back to B.E.S. after… to see what it happening when the curtains close… I can say one thing, when you enter that place, it is very hard to leave it ;)

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