After our long lunch at Cecconi’s, we decided to continue and made a stopover at Aqua. This Hong-Kong based restaurant is located on Regent Street. The space offers 3 areas to dine and drink. I didn’t taste the restaurant as we were on a strictly liquid diet. We started at the rooftop terrace, and when the weather got cold, continued inside at the bar.

The venue is beautiful and full of singles ready to mingle…. It was so packed that they couldn’t give us a table; so we decided it was about time to check the next spot.

We went on Beauchamp Place. I don’t know very well London streets but this one I know it very well as Marroush is located there.

What is Marroush, the best shawarma (is an Arab sandwich-like wrap of shaved meat) place that you can find after a long night out. Sometimes I only go out, so I can end up at Maroush and eat the yummy food…

We decided to start our Beauchamp experience at Nozomi, but the doorman, excited about his power of entrance, decided to let in half of the group. Thanks God he did that cause we ended to a much better place: Ciro’s Pomodoro.

You know I love discovering little secret spots… When we went down the narrow staircase the door opened to a cave full of people, a live band and a great smell of pizza.

My favorite blonde told me that apparently this spot is known by lots of soccer players on Sunday nights and celebrities. So I guess I haven’t discovered the place, but I highly recommend everyone to go there.

We had drinks at the bar while waiting for our table. The place was packed, and the live music band was amazing. Especially the second band was full of hotties ;)

The crowd was composed of singles and doubles. Don’t know if it is the right spot for a date, but definitely the right spot to spend a great night with friends. Don’t know if it is because of my liquid diet, but everybody seemed good looking….

It was a perfect way of finishing my long first day in London. And guess what, I didn’t even need to go to Maroush, as besides the good ambiance, we had good food, as well ;)

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