Last night I was invited to a dinner at a friends’ house a little outside of Geneva, now that I have a Tom Tom (a GPS), I am very confident finding addresses cause generally I have such a bad sense of direction that I can be lost in my neighborhood… actually the only time I am good with directions is when I need to find a shop…. Go figure why!!! So it has been 1 year that I have a love/hate relationship with my Tom Tom, it is a woman’s voice who is telling how to go, and sometimes she is playing tricks on me… and last night she made me pass through some roads that I am not sure where actually for cars, thanks god my little fiat panda 4×4 is not afraid of any road. My problem was on my way back, where my Tom Tom friend that I call “the girl in the box”, has decided to make me suffer and froze her screen, so I didn’t know which road to take, and almost got lost in Geneva’s countryside… I was lucky cause I found my way back, I guess a new store is about to open in my neighborhood ;)

This new friend is an event planner, and I already attended to the store and restaurants openings and parties she did, and I loved them, so I was quite excited to see how she will organise a 14 people seated dinner. It was great… although she kept saying that her “party trick was to give lots of liquids to her guests, so they will starve and won’t criticize the food”, the food was delicious and the “apple martinis” were to die for and made more than one victim….
after what I saw; and I guess by now u know that I am a big critic; if u want to have a store opening, a new business launch even a house dinner to throw, and you are new in Geneva, you should contact her company cause beside the fact that she is great event planner, she has a very good listing of people!!!!

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