On Friday morning, after having my breakfast in front of the Duomo I hit the mother ship that common people call via Monte Napoleone. I had brought 4 options for Saturday night wedding reception, but was still not sure about my outfit.
Yeah that is my excuse to shop and I am sticking to it.

For lunch I met my spiritual son, his girl and their baby (does that make her my spiritual granddaughter???) and my mom at Trattoria Bagutta.

Wow, that was a nice walk on memory lane; I think I haven’t been there for at least 10 years. It is situated on via Bagutta (I know big surprise), which is by Piazza San Babila, and via Monte Napoleone. This trattoria is open since 70 years and you can see the caricatures of some judges on the walls, next to some paintings of various artists.

The menu is simply composed of everything we love… we started with grated artichokes and grana padano, fried artichokes (I know I am into artichokes these days) and tuna carpaccio. My friend and I then took a Milanese (breaded veal cutlets) and my mom and spiritual son took the pasta with mushrooms.

To finish we wanted to share a “Torta della Nonna”, and it was my least favorite… it seemed they have done it few days ago  what a shame as Bagutta is famous for its antipasti buffet and dessert carriage….

Well let’s be positive and say less calories, and no sugar rush as I had a very busy afternoon. I had to raise Milano’s economy and shop till I drop. Between you and me, mission accomplished ;)

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