Saturday was the second shopping day marathon… after emptying some stores we decided to have lunch at Paper Moon. Another Milano institution. When I lived in Milan, it was my Friday lunch spot.

They first announced us 45 minute wait to actually sit us right away between grumpy and piggy (the lovely names i gave to my table neighbors…)
That should have been the first sign to make us leave… It has always been a touristic place as well, but it became way too commercial and touristic.

I ordered my fix Carciofi e Pana (artichokes and pana cheese) then asked for a parmesan risotto. My mom took their special of the day, pasta with meat and artichokes…. Her pasta was swimming in olive oil; my risotto was bland. We ate in 25 minutes, paid a fortune and left the place unsatisfied.

Note to myself; don’t ever go back to Paper Moon in Milan. Better to eat at a café a Panini than being ripped off and disappointed. I always have Bagutta, Cova, or Saint Ambreous (i know not the cheapest spots) if I want to eat when I hang out in the shopping area….

Thanks god, the shopping was not disappointing, how can it be with all these amazing merchandise???

We finished the day with a coffee near the Duomo before going to the hotel and get ready for the partay !!!!

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