It has been 9 days that I am at the clinic Buchinger. So far so good. I am resting, working out, taking care of my back and losing weight. Fasting is not only for people who want to lose weight, it is a great detox plan, and helps in many medical areas. I know some of you would raise your eyebrows when I talk about fasting, but each their own belief, and I can talk because I was against it and saw all the benefits on me.

Believe it or not, the hard part is not fasting, is going back home and resisting to the temptations (at least for the beginning). I have already told my family that they can forget me for Easter lunch, would join them after for the eggs tapping. I cannot be tempted, and honestly learned few recipes that I am dying to try.

Let me quickly tell you few words about the other patients in the clinic, they are composed of mostly elderly (who come back every year) and some overweight people. Impressed with the elderly though, they swim, workout and fast. What a discipline !!! Whereas I see the younger ones, especially the crowd from the “Mediterranean side” to not specify the countries, who cheat on their fasting or diet, who go and eat a sausage or even Mc Donalds before dinner. I laugh but I think it is sad that they pay for this, and they don’t follow. Those come back as well, cause even if they lose a little, by the time they arrive at the airport, they put the kilos back on.
Apparently the clinic had to put some strict rules, cause at a point , some people would order pizza; and the poor delivery guy, scared for his life; would pass in front of all the starving patients, to deliver the pizzas.

Anyway, today I started the re-adaptation, cause Saturday going back to my normal life. Which means I had an apple compote for lunch, an apple for snack and a vegetable soup for dinner. Funnily it is harder than having soup, juice, tea, and water all day. It is the day that I like less… but again it means I am going home soon fresh and ready to attack Easter and Spring.

So get ready peeps, my boring and calm life is about to be over, have a pretty busy April and May, where I have several trips planned, a lot’s of places to discover….

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