My friend from New York came to Geneva with her family for few days. They were staying at the hotel La Reserve, which is slightly outside Geneva center.

I decided to meet up with ma Rose Bonbon (it’s the nick name that I gave her) at the lounge of the hotel for drinks and dinner.

Hotel la Reserve is very popular in summer thanks to their beautiful pool area. It is also “The Spot” for Sunday brunch in Geneva, as you have a DJ, and let’s be honest there are not many other options.

It used to be my hangout a year ago, but I got burnt out of the same place, same people and same food….

I was nicely surprised to see that it was also busy on a rainy Monday night. We all know, Geneva crowd stay home when it rains or it snows … I guess they are afraid to melt.
Between us, it is better, because they suddenly forget how to drive when it rains or snows….
Another person who didn’t care about the rain was the Swedish model Victoria Silvstedt and her pocket boyfriend Maurice Dabbah. They came for a quick bite… she is very tall and he needs a stool to be able to kiss her.

The service was excellent, and I think my friend being a good client was a significant factor in that.

The food… well the problem at la Reserve is that the menu never changes… The same old burger, with the same old club sandwich and the same steak …

So the food was nothing extraordinary. This time I started with marinated salmon and took the sea bass as a main plate. It was good, not great just decent.

The best part? To see my friend in Geneva, and finally spend some quality time with her… Would I start going back there again? Probably not, unless they eventually change their menu, or ma Rose Bonbon comes back and stays there ;) ))

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