I meet my friend and her adorable daughter sometimes at park, but today we met at a coffee shop, due to pollen allergies she has.
In Geneva, all my friends with kids hope that the sun is out so they can take the little ones to the park. In my neighborhood is Park Bertrand. It is full of moms and babysitters running after the kids. It has several playgrounds, some for the little ones and some for the older ones.
During the week-end you see the fathers joining the mothers, or alert for single girls…. there are lots of single fathers. I seriously believe that it is a great place to meet someone. So girls if you have a dog, r if you can borrow a friends kids, go to Parc Bertrand on the week-end. You might get the whole package… father and kid ;)
Joke aside, I am impressed with my friends with kids, because even in winter, as soon as they see the sun, the kids are at the park.In January I had my niece and nephew over for few days, I decided to take them to the park with my friend and her daughter. Mine were paralyzed with the cold, (they come from a Mediterranean city where snow is nonexistent), so I had to put several layers of clothes so they won’t freeze.
Every neighborhood has great Parks, no kidding, with the amount of rain we have, we better have some green in the city.
Although it is not Central Park’s zoo, we have some Parks with animals as well, where kids can have a pony ride.
If you compare Geneva to New York an Milan,it is from far the best suited city to have kids. They have fresh air, and have much more places to play, and no need to talk about the great schools that Geneva have.
So can we say that Geneva is more a family town than a single town??? Oh yeah….

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