Just next to the House Hotel in Nisantasi, you have the restaurant Kirinti. This restaurant opened its door on the Asian side of Istanbul in summer 1981, with only 35 seats. Thanks to the quality of food, it quickly started to grow and started to opened more branches all around the city.

Their menu can be easily called a book. You have all kind of food that you can think. Normally I am very suspicious about menus that have too many cuisines, but I was nicely surprised. I ordered beef strings on aubergine puree (typical Turkish dish). It was simply delicious.

The crowd was composed of a bit of everything, few tourist, lots of locals who just stopped by to grab a bite. Will I say it is a pick up place??? Noooo. It is just a great spot to eat something if you need a break from shopping or if you are with people who has different envies.

My big disappointment was the service. To catch the waiters attention was a workout in itself. You know the kind of waiters who just walks around and pretends to be busy, while their tables are waiting to order or to pay or to be served???? I think if they wanna keep their success, they should properly train the stuff and not get cheap labor by hiring kids from the villages.

Overall, if you are around and have no idea where to eat (and you are in no rush), swing by Kirinti. The food is good, and the location very practical.

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