After I packed my stuff, we went back to Amsterdam in the red light district for dim sum. Although it was day time, I managed to see some ladies in the windows for hourly rent… Believe me you don’t want to rent them, even if they are on sale. When we finally arrived to Oriental City, I had a feeling of déjà vu. It reminded me of Royal Garden in London. You cannot book a table, when you arrive you have to put your name down, it was packed but luckily after 10 minutes we got a table. The menu is huge, and as usual our eyes were bigger than our stomach, so we ordered a lot. I think we could have fed a whole village. It was delicious and really not expensive… I think the perfect spot for Sunday lunch with friends. Don’t hope to meet someone there, beside few lost people who were there for a date (they seriously need to get a life), it was mainly group of people composed of families, or/and friends.
Whenever I go to London, I end up eating at Italian restaurants, and in Amsterdam it seems that I ended up eating at Asian restaurants… but when during lunch my friends told me that I should put Amsterdam as one of the cities in “Nat & The City”, I quite liked the idea. I only had a glimpse of it and I really want to discover more. I guess next time I will try to do some sightseeing. I want to discover the museums of Van Gogh and Rembrandt… but I also want to wonder in the Red Light District ;)
When I finally arrived at my dear Schiphol airport, I was full and tipsy and had to run to not miss my flight. I guess after these three days in the Netherlands, I am going to need a week of detox, to clean my body… and be ready for my next trip next week in Milano…

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