For the week-end Portofino was buzzing with people, considering the Italians are back to work, and schools gad started already, I guess the crowd was more composed of people like us, who wanted to enjoy the last days of summer in Paradise.

My big worry was that I had only a day left and still so many restaurants to taste…
Da U’Batti and Puny are the two restaurants that people tell you the minute you say I am going to Portofino. These two restaurants are Berlusconi’s favorites and from far the best ones in the little harbor.

Unfortunately Da U’Batti was always full, so I missed its famous scampis. It is a restaurant situated not at the piazzetta, but in a back calm street, and you basically have no menu, everybody goes with their yummy appetizers and then the scampis (or pasta for the ones who didn’t get the purpose of the restaurant) and you are lucky to receive a bib, so your clothes don’t get dirty… I guess now I have a reason to go to Portofino again;)

Thank god I had the chance to find a table at Puny for lunch; right on the piazzetta, its tables enjoy views of the boats bobbing in the harbor and yachts having size contests beyond. I will highly recommended their “penne al puny” (pasta quills in a sauce of tomatoes, pancetta bacon, and mushrooms) and also their fresh fish al verde (in a green sauce of parsley, lemon, and white wine) or al sale (baked under a thick salt crust).
The service is great, you are served by M. Puny himself and his spouse… and I felt really lucky to have a table, cause they refused so many people during lunch. And it seemed to be fully booked for the night as well.

I have spent the rest of the day shopping and getting tanned, and at night got ready to meet my friends in Santa Margherita’s Marina at the restaurant Skipper.

My friends love Skipper, and they are right. Besides having a nice terrace, it also has a veranda on the sea… We sat at the terrace and we had my friend’s dog as well. The service was great ; Bookie, my friends dog had his own cup of water (I guess he is the real star there). He was very attracted by the delicious food as well, he spent his evening to beg us for food from under the table… u don’t believe me? have a look

As appetizers I took a “carpaccio di pesce spada” (swordfish carpaccio), it was smoked so a little salty for me but they had sliced it over fennel, and the lemon of the dressing was balancing the taste of the plate. The warm octopus with potato that my friend took looked especially delicious. Then I took the famous “trenete con pesto, patate e fagioli” (ribbon pasta with pesto sauce, potatoes, and green beans). This specialty of the region Ligura, and you have never tried it, what are you waiting for???

But I am warning you when you go “pesto con patate e fagioli”, you never go back ;)

Again a perfect day ending with a perfect food, I am starting to think that I am living for food… maybe i should call my blog Nat and the Food instead of Nat and the City, lol….

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