In Geneva you have two main restaurants for seafood. La Brasserie Lipp and Cafe du Centre.
They both have great terraces, although at Lipp; located in Cofederation Center; the terrace is more private, whereas at CDC, located at the Molard square, you can sit and watch all the bankers getting out of their banks for lunch or shoppers leaving Globus (Grand Passage for us old Geneva people)… But at the end of the both of them have the same clientele.
If you compare the food, I personally prefer Lipp, cause I think they have a bigger choice and the food is tastier. Their mussels are great, much better than the CDC one where there is so much onion that I need a day to digest and wash my hands all day long to take out the smell. So highly unadvised if you are planning a hot date later that day.
The service, well you can be sure that at Lipp, during your lunch or dinner, someone will break something, I guess it makes part of their tradition, but at least they all speak well French and English and are professionals. Whereas in Cafe du Centre, they keep hiring these interns, who are not very capable, and don’t really speak French or English.
And although I agree it is a brasserie, but at Lipp, it is so noisy that you cannot really talk (unless you seat on the terrace in summer which becomes the winter garden in winter). At Café du Centre you don’t have this problem, the closed area is much calmer and outside is happening.
If we talk about the crowd, well both attract the same people, lots of tourists but lots of locals as well. They both serve all day long, and Lipp serves until late night, so great spot to have dinner after a show or a movie.

This week I had lunch at both of them, I am trying to be healthy and eat fish… but I have to admit the potato gratin next to my salmon was yummy compared to the artichoke puree next to my sea bass… But if I had to pick overall… summer nights or winter lunches at Brasserie Lipp the terrace, or the winter garden. Quick bite for summer lunches Café du Centre… but I guess you need to taste both of them!!!

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