Monkey bar is a restaurant located at the Hotel Elysee since it opened. It used to be known as “the place to go”, in the 50s. Lately, Graydon Carter, the editor of Vanity Fair and an owner of the Waverly Inn bought it, and made it hip again.

It is a small room with dimmed lights, surrounded by booths and tables in the middle. I went with my brother his wife and we met my chica there. The crowd was composed of upper east siders, and some couples on a date (we know Friday night date is extremely important in the US).

At the beginning of the dinner, they brought us their special baked bread… it was a little undercooked but damn it was yummy….

As appetizers, we ordered crab cakes and their special of the night: risotto with peas, bacon and truffle oil… I should have wished something else in my last post cause finally a dish that has all the successful elements: cheese, bacon and truffle oil!!! Besides the rice being over cooked, it was delicious off course.

I took the rack of lamb and my sister in law opted for the duck a l’orange. They were both delicious. The steak tartare was excellent as well.

The only thing that I can complain about is the thermostat. It was soo warm in there that I can understand the risotto being too coked. And I think we should have left the bread on the table, so it will cook properly in the room temperature close to 350 degrees.

And for the ones who know me, and make fun of me when I always complain about heat… this time it was really warm, as if we were sitting near the sun.

After I begged our waiter several times to lower the heat, it worked… but this time they put the AC on, and off course people start to complain about that. Oh well, I will know for the next time to go with my bikinis or with a portable AC at Monkey Bar.

It was a very pleasant evening, I think Monkey bar should stop banning pictures and cell phones, (and off course I took pictures of the dishes with my cell phone, lol) and start investing on a decent AC though.

Anyway, to end the evening, we decided with my chica to have a last drink at Nobu 57… let’s say it was a more successful night cab than W Hotel ;)

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