When my mom and sister arrived to New York for the holidays, they have a list of restaurants that they want to go… and Nobu is on top of my mom’s list, so I made a reservation for their first lunch.

I have to admit, I am a “Nobuholic”… when I lived in Milano, spent every happy hour there… and tried almost all the Nobu’s around the world. In New York, there are two locations, the one on 57th street is my favorite.

The first reason, is because I was there when they opened it and it used to be my neighborhood (so spent most my evenings there), and also I prefer their staff and food to the one in downtown.

As it was Christmas day, the restaurant was empty (rare to see Nobu that empty). Although it is a Japanese restaurant, I never really liked their sushis, I prefer ordering their specialties… “Rock Shrimps with Ponzu Sauce”, “The Lobster Salad”, “The Kobe Beef Tataki”. And yes I am not a big fan of their most famous dish “The Black Cod”.

Normally, the “Lobster Salad” has not that many lobsters… This time there were so many that I asked the waiter if he made a mistake and brought us two orders.
Lucky us it was just the chef feeling generous with the Holiday season and all.

My “Rock Shrimps” were yummy as always… and the “Kobe Beef Tataki” was to die for, better be with the price that you pay per ounce ;)

My sister ordered some sushis with soft shell crab and shrimp tempura and also a California roll.

Our waiter was great, the busboy (the person who cleans your dishes and fills your water glass) was probably new in the States because didn’t understand one word of English… which made him pour tab water, on the paid sparkling one, lol.

Well you know my policy, I think they work harder than the waiters (and are paid less), so we let it go.

Once again, a good experience at Nobu, I just wished there were more people to watch while we were eating our dishes ;)

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