Off course after all my NY Food festival; I need to do some damage control. A friend of mine told me about this remarkable coach who transformed her.

I did every health club in Geneva; Holmes Places was the worst for me. I paid a huge amount of money, and went twice I think. The classes are worthless, and I really don’t like the atmosphere. Silhoutte was another club that I stopped going because of parking issues.

The last couple of years I started to go to Plaza Sport. I had excellent classes with great teachers; unfortunately, they fired those teachers… so I only go for Zumba classes.

So when my friend told me about “Palestra”, I was really excited to start. It is a more private gym, where you have 3 trainers who help you shred the weight and build your body.

I am working out with the boyz; each of them in their own way tortures you. After the first session, I didn’t manage to walk. I had to literally roll out of bed. After the second session, I was limping…. You will think that it gets easier with time; but no… they stimulate new muscles at every session. In other words after each session I discover a new muscle in my body.

Next to the workout, the big persecutor gives you a diet. This diet is to eat protein and vegetables (hmmm, never heard of that, lol).
The good news is you can have dark chocolate at night (a little, not the full bar!!!), and can drink max 6 glasses of bubbles per week. Not tempting yet? well what about this one: “once a week you eat whatever you want!!!!”

There is however one big rule: don’t eat any fruit or salad after 6pm.

When I heard that rule, I started to laugh, thinking of “The Gremlins” and asked him, what will happen if I eat after 6pm? Will I become a monster? Or like in the movie, be the cute Gizmo that gives birth to naughty gremlins…

Not sure if he got it….

Anyway, so far I love the challenge, I just wish I had less pain in my muscles….And I have already started to see the results (no kidding I work out 4 to 5 times a week)

Don’t worry though it won’t stop me to try new restaurants and criticize them ;)

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