Lately I am trying to take more and more baths because of my back problems. So I decided to check out the good bath products that could make me relax and smell good. I know Occitane is a great brand, and has great products. So I went to their store in Geneva.
When you enter the store, you smell all these aromas from “la Provence”, and you basically are tempted to buy everything. I asked for the “lavender, fizzy pebble for the bath”, and they took out a pack of three and informed me that they are sold separately for CHF 5.50,- each. I thought it was expensive, but thought this is supposed to be the “caviar” of the bath products so bought two; and told to myself you will use them for special days.
So when the special day arrived, I was all excited about it, effectively the water became purple, a nice smell filled the room. But honestly once you are in it, it didn’t relax me or made me feel more special than any other brand. Actually I might even say, I felt more effects with the brand that I buy at the Coop (Geneva’s main grocery store) for CHF 1.50,- than with the Occitane one. At least after the cheap one, my body still smells Lavender… and I can have almost 4 baths for the price of one…
Occitane, I love your body creams but, but forget me for the bath products.

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