In a big city like NY, restaurants have a life expectancy between 6 to 12 months. The restaurants that are still open after that period of time are definitely the winners.

Stanton Social is among those lucky ones. This three – level restaurant that is located in Lower East Side opened its doors in 2005. You will think after 6 years it will lose the hip and get less crowded…. Wrong!!! Not only it is still very packed; but it has so much success that the owners opened another restaurant with the same concept a block away called “Beauty and Essex”.

The concept is simple; you have a menu full of dishes to share from all around the world and a great selection from the raw bar. They have few famous dishes such as the French onion soup dumplings, the Kobe beef burgers, the Stanton social beef wellington, lobster roll sliders and duck empanadas.

When Lady Fleur and I, decided to have dinner there, I was salivating to the idea of the delicious dishes. Normally, I advise people to go with big groups so you can order a lot of dishes and share. As we were only two, we made a smaller selection.

We started with the Bistrot Salad (haricot vert, tomato, smoked bacon & poached egg) and yellow fin tuna sashimi. We also ordered spicy lamb souvlakis (Greek specialty where small pieces of lamb are grilled on a skewer), the crispy eggplant parmagiano, and had to taste the beef wellington.

What can I say the Chef/owner Chris Santos knows his food. Everything was delicious.

The place, as usual, was packed. I have one big, actually two big complaints about Stanton social. They have only one unisex bathroom on the main dining area, so you have to plan ahead if you want to visit it, as there is always a big queue.

The second complaint will be the noise. I understand it is a busy restaurant, but they must be able to arrange something, cause it is so noisy that you have to shout to be able to communicate.

At a point, I thought I should bbm lady fleur for better communication. Lol, just kidding.

The service was great as always. Our waiter was really helpful (although he could have washed his hair), and the maitre d’ brought us Potato & Goat Cheese Pierogies (fried dumplings of unleavened dough) with caramelized onions & truffle creme fraiche.

He said, I know you didn’t order this dish, but I know at some point during the night you are going to complain about something, so I prefer to bring this ahead to apologize… As my hubby pointed out the following day, I guess my face is in their kitchen with a warning: “be careful, she can be bitchy”. Lol

You see, being demanding sometimes help;)

Overall once again it was a great dinner, and how can it be bad with my lady fleur!!!!

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