Last night I met my friends at Sushi of Gari… This Sushi Chef opened his first restaurant in 1997. Since then, Gari has 3 restaurants in the city. I have been to the one on UES (Upper east side).

Before going to meet them, I off course did my research about it. The main comment about it is “outstanding fish quality”.

Once I crossed the whole town, the cab dropped me at the corner of 78 and First Avenue. The restaurant is relatively small, and it was full. Our waiter decided that we were not smart enough to order our food, so tried to impose us the ” Specials of Sushi of Gari”.

We had to fight to be able to take the menu and order what we want. I took a beef tataki and after some sushis and sashimis; my friends took the sashimi special. Everything was exceptionally fresh and yummy.

The crowd… well let’s say it is a place that you go just to eat your sushi and leave. I wouldn’t go and spend the night for the atmosphere. The lights are too bright, and the waiter too opinionated.

He was truly the main character of the restaurant, he never wanted to bring us what we wished, and always suggested something else. i understand they have some suggestions, but let us order our food. Even when we ordered our tea, he decided that we made the wrong choice… LOL

It was a lovely night. Would I go back there???? Probably if I am around, but this time I will sit at the sushi bar… and make the best of it;)

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