I asked for a snow storm and had a snow blizzard…. No snow can stop Nat, unfortunately, this time it froze the streets, stopped the cars and the train, and it was humanly impossible to walk. I tried to get a cab, and in less than 10 minutes, I became a snow woman…

So decided to stay in, and attack the streets the following day.

The initial plan was to do Madison Avenue and check out their sales…. With the snow and all, we decided to go to Saks Fifth and spend the day indoors.

When I left the apartment to try to get a cab; I felt the day after the end of the world… 10th avenue was under the snow, but empty.

Imagine, a burnt cab on the side of the road, one or two courageous car driving slowly, and besides me only few people on the streets. I thought I was in of the scenes of “I am Legend” and waited to hear “cut” from the director before I met Will Smith ;) Unfortunately, that was not my movie.

In the meantime, a car stopped and asked me if he can drop me somewhere, and seeing my hesitation told me: “don’t worry; I am not a mass murderer”. Well that’s reassuring isn’t it, cause they normally wear a label saying “be aware I will kill you soon”.

Finally, found a cab and picked up the ladies, and we went to Saks Fifth Avenue. Due to a lack of employees (everybody was blocked home) the store was closed until noon, so we did the next best thing… went to Rockefeller center across the street to have breakfast.

I sincerely never advise you to eat at “Rock Center Café”. We arrived at 11.03 am, and the girl at the entrance told us breakfast is over at 11am, we said so we will have lunch. Guess what, lunch starts at 11.30, and they cannot seat you because they are going to organize the restaurant. Oh did I tell you there were only two tables full at the restaurant?

I guess this is what happens when you put a girl with an inferior complex on a power trip at the entrance…. Anyway, I wished we could have read the signs that Gods send us, and not go back to have “lunch”. Bad food, bad service. The highlight of my experience: the busboy tried to explain me what a lemon is and how I should use it). Ohh and my lucky sister had a hair as an extra in her dish….

Thanks God Saks Fifth opened at noon, so we didn’t stay that long in one of the worst restaurants of NY….

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