Last night we decided with a friend to meet and catch up. We decided to go for wine and tapas. In Geneva the happy hour spot for that is Le Soleil Rouge. Basically you drink in a cave, and as it has always been non-smoking (even before the law), you always see a bunch of people at the stands outside. Le Soleil Rouge is generally full of wine connoisseurs, happy hour people, as well as with people who just go there with the hope of meeting their future love interest. We were there just to catch up and have some good time.
The only problem is that there is no service, you have to go to the counter to order your glass of wine, and there is only one person there. So we did like most of people, ordered a bottle of wine to avoid the long queues ( I guess it is their trick to push people to buy bottles). And for the food, you have to go to the kitchen and place your order, and then they will bring your tapas to your stand.
Honestly, if they have few people walking around taking orders I am sure they would make better business, and the customers would be happier.
Otherwise it was a fun beginning of night. Then we went to my old spot Quirinale. The bar was full, so we sat at the high tables near the bar and ordered more food. My friend did the great choice, she ordered a pizza. I made the mistake of ordering pasta, it was too salty sent it back, got a new one, which was very salty as well… thanks god wasn’t that hungry… result bloated like a balloon because of teh salt, filled up with water…
The crowd, as usual a bit of everything, less the “working ladies” that for some reason always pretend being an “aesthetician”, and funnily most of the crowd was not that tall… maybe it was a theme night and for once my friend and I were happy to not be that tall…Although would have proffered to see tall men around.
Before leaving the bar, we noticed that we were actually sitting on the wrong side of it. Cause the other side was full of hotties. That would teach us to stay on one spot and not circulate!!!
Overall it was a great night, I was happy to see my friend and catch up, had good wine, good tapas, and laughed a lot… perfect Thursday night in Geneva…

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