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I know I know it has been a while that I didn’t write anything on my blog… well because after I returned from Rome, went to Turkey for a week to take care of my brother’s munchkins. And off course if I were in Istanbul, I would have shared all the happening stuff, but I was in Mersin; my little Mediterranean town, where basically nothing happens.
I normally go there either just to see the family and have a food coma, all the food that reminds me my childhood… so I try not to stay long just to not gain that much weight ;)
To arrive there is a challenge, from Geneva you take the first flight to Istanbul, then a second flight to Adana, and then you have 60 km to drive to arrive to Mersin. All this with Turkish Airlines, I have to admit they are quickly becoming a great company, but I was shocked that in Istanbul no one checked my ID. Between the time I arrived to the lounge and boarded, I have talked with 4 or 5 employees about my seat or my plane, and not one single person asked to see my ID. So I basically could have stolen someone else’s ticket and travel. You will tell me how many people would steal a ticket for Adana… but still…
As I have spent my days running around with the kids, I haven’t discovered any secret spots, although I would advise every person in this whole world to taste Tantuni. It’s a street food; basically beef prepared in a special sauce wrapped in bread. Whenever I am far from Mersin, I dream about it. I think I buy my Tantuni from the same shop for 15 years now. Whenever I am in town they do their yearly profit as I basically have to eat every day, and trained my niece who became a fan as well.
So beside the love fest that I got from the kids, and the food coma that I entered, nothing really special to report. It was just great to have a week off from travelling. Now back to Geneva, with few extra pounds, but definitely rested and ready to discover new summer spots…
In my plans have definitely New York and Istanbul, but also St Tropez, Portofino, Forte dei Marmi and Morocco …

Hello girlzz and boyzzz, here we go with the sale season… Sorry for my friends who live in Europe most of them are US based and especially New York, but I promise would soon give you hints about the other countries and cities soon as well.

So let’s start with Prada,the presale begins today, around are 40% off. The “private sale,” when you can actually pick up your presale merchandise, begins June 3 and the sale officially goes public June 4th.

YSL, Discounts range from 30% to 50% off depending on the style and item. The markdown goes public June 1. If you’re looking for a steeper discount, the YSL outlet at Woodbury Commons is hosting a Memorial Day weekend sale where ready-to-wear will be an additional 40% off the outlet price and accessories will be an additional 15% off. You can shop by phone or in person on Friday.

Gucci online sale, this is for the US again, but if you have an address where to ship don’t hesitate. Shoes , handbags and ready-to-wear are all 40% off. For those who feel like 40% of is just a first offer, second markdown usually comes mid-June with a discount ranging from 50% to 60% off. If you’re looking for true bargain basement prices, wait until mid-July when the leftovers are reduced to 75% off. But for the ones who wants the first one, just click here

My second day in Rome was a full day, as I never sleep too much, woke up and decided to go out at a piazza to have my breakfast. Obviously the stores were still closed but although I haven’t been to Rome for few years, I manage to walk my way to the main street with all the important shops. Telling you I have a natural GPS for shopping areas. After having done my window shopping and selecting the shops that I would visit, I went to Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, a triangular piazza, with few coffees and some shops. I sat in one of them took a magazine and had a great breakfast to have forces to go shopping. After my retail therapy, I decided to go and pay my respects at the Vatican. There is one place besides shopping that I have to do every time I am in Rome is to go to the Vatican. I am not a very religious person, but every time that I enter the St. Peter’s Basilica church, I am filled with emotions. This time was no different, I went and prayed and made wishes. It was very busy as the following morning it was Pentecost and they were getting ready for the Pope’s mass.
After the Vatican it was time to lunch, so a friend of mine, who knows around brought a bunch of us to the restaurant “Alfredo alla Scrofa”. As she is a foodie, we let her do the food order, and it was a great move. We started with antipasti composed of cold cuts, mozzarella buffalo, some deep fried veggies, followed by the famous fettucine Alfredo, which is basically fettucine covered with a lot of parmesan cheese and when everything melts, a cream sauce comes out. I highly recommend everyone to go and enjoy that dish, and the service is lovely, even though we were 15 people, our waiter didn’t roll his eyes once, and was nice and smiling.
After this very “light” lunch we decided to walk around and visit … my friend and I passed by Piazza Navona, visited churches, where I every time that I bought a candle to pray, it sounded like a Slot machine, and finally finishes the walk at “la Fontana di Trevi” which was so full of people that I decided that I didn’t need to throw more coins in the fountain for more wishes. After all I had almost no coins and wishes left as I spent them in the previous 4 or 5 churches…
Just before going to the hotel to get ready for the wedding, I decided to give another chance to the terrace of “Hotel de Russie” and met a friend for bubbles. It was much better. We could see that the crowd was composed by the people who stayed at the hotel, who were there after a trying day of shopping or visiting to chill. The service was slow to start and got better later and also after few glasses we didn’t really care…. When we finally got ready a shuttle took us to the Villa Aurelia, which sits atop the Janiculum Hill at the highest point within Rome’s ancient city walls. The wedding was beautiful; we partied and danced away until … well I don’t really remember, I guess all these bubbles and proseccos finally got me ;)

When yesterday I got ready for my trip to Rome, I just hoped that I won’t lose my luggage again. This time I cannot do any creative outfits as I have a wedding… and no I cannot hold my dress in my hand because it top part is too bulky. Thanks god everything went smooth, and with my luggage in hand I arrived to the hotel.
My hotel was a boutique hotel called Luxury Suites Babuino 181, and is situated literally few minutes from the “Scalinata della Trinità dei Monti” (the Spanish steps) and just by “Piazza del Popolo” (People’s Square). The rooms are beautiful and modern, especially after my fiasco in Milan, I was nicely surprised. And the two people working at the reception, Andrea and Nico were very helpful; our private Italian doormen ;) As soon as we checked in, my friend and I joined the others for lunch, at a restaurant called “Osteria Formaggeria”. It belongs to Gusto group which has the pizzeria, wine bar, fish restaurant and we went to the cheese one. One would think why Swiss crowd would go to a cheese restaurant in Italy, go figure, maybe because it was the only one of the group with a great terrace and it was serving until 3.30pm…. Anyway, I wasn’t really impressed. My friends who had already eaten told me to avoid the pasta, so I ended up eating few cold cuts and mozzarella sticks. And believe me I asked if they had la Burrata, but they managed to have 100 sort of cheese except that. As we arrived a little late, you could see that the waiter wanted to get rid of us and start his sunny afternoon break. He rolled his eyes so many times, because we didn’t choose yet or we wanted something else that at a point I feared his eyes would never be normal again. After our meal at Gusto “express”; I think the name is more suitable; we decided to take a walk, and spend the afternoon from one coffee to the other, to end up at Piazza del Popolo for a quick happy hour at “Don Chisciotte”. It was so nice sitting there, sipping our bubbles, watching the Roman “carabinieri” pretending to save the world…
The cocktail Friday night was at this amazing palazzo near Piazza SS. Apostoli called Palazzo Colonna. Before accessing the terrace we were welcomed by the bride and groom at the main gallery, where we had the opportunity to see the masterful Colonna art collection. For the little story the art collection is from the 16th and 17th centuries and includes works by Bronzino, Tintoretto, Pietro da Cortona, Guercino and Guido Reni.
The gallery itself is a true piece of art, rich with frescoes and its collection of sculptures. Cardinal Girolamo I Colonna began this construction which was continued by his nephew Gran Constabile Lorenzo Onofrio.
After a beautiful night we decided to have a night cab at Hotel de Russie, which is known to have a great sky bar. Well I guess Friday night was not one of the happening nights, cause beside few family tables, it was empty. So we returned to our hotels to rest.

Last I went to dinner at “Bistrot du Boucher”. Everybody knows about it in Geneva, either because they ate there or simply they saw the big caw outside the restaurant. I used to go a lot in the past and got few disappointed dinners so stopped. But few weeks ago my brother and sister tried again and they couldn’t stop talking about it. So last night was the redemption night. We went without booking so they gave us the “last” table which was by the door.
We all ordered our food, and finally got the appetizers, my salad with “chevre chaud” (warm goat cheese) could have been described as “few green leaves swimming in oil with burnt goat cheese filos”. I told myself well it is a steak house after all, so let’s wait the meat to really judge.
I was lucky, ordered a Steak Tartare, and it was delicious, and although I am not a French Fries girl, they were quite perfect; thin, long and crispy. Someone took a well done burger, one side of the burger was the way she ordered, well done, the other side was as raw as my Steak Tartare. And finally the bouquet was for the person who ordered the Filet de Boeuf cooked Medium. It was literally burnt outside, impossible to even cut it. She sent it back, to receive when we were all done with our food, two pieces of meat so cooked that they looked and tasted like oily shoe soles.
When the owner, a lovely lady came and asked her, how was it this time; my friend said that this time it was overcooked and as she waited so long that she wasn’t hungry anymore. So the lovely owner, instead of telling her, sorry I won’t count this dish on your check, told her, oh sorry to hear that, at least is the beef good quality? Let me put it in an aluminum foil, so you can bring it home and eat later. And generous that she is, told her that she would like to offer her a desert.
So here we are receiving 3 of their famous chocolate and pear cake, one free, and an aluminum foil with 2 pieces of beef.
I don’t even know what to say, I mean if she had ordered pasta in a steak house, I would have told her, don’t get so high expectations… but who cares if it is a good piece of meat, if they don’t know how to cook it properly.
Lately I am getting addicted to Hell’s Kitchen, so I wonder where is Chef Ramsey to fire that cook?????
After leaving a great amount of money, we all left the restaurant unhappy, my friend gave the foil to the waiter and said actually you can keep it, cause won’t eat that beef. Would I go back? Definitely not; our table was placed in neverland of waiters and service, how many times do you need to reorder a drink to finally get it??? and disappointing food…
At the entrance I saw they were “Guide de Routard’” choice until 2005, I guess there is a reason why they stopped choosing this restaurant as an advice to travelers!!!!

This morning, I woke up again at 5am to catch my Milano flight. Now that Fly Baboo doesn’t operate on that line, I bought my ticket with Twin Jet, or as I will call it, the disaster. I should have sensed it when I poured the hot coffee on my jeans at home that my trip was going to be a hell.
I really think that the personnel at Geneva airport is just hired to be decorative, no one has any idea of nothing. And the ladies at Air France desk … well I guess if they spend a little less time on painting their face, they could actually be useful. One thing is sure they are not hired for their IQ. Believe me it was a challenge to check in, although my flight is Twin Jet, a sub company of Air France, I needed to check in with Dnata…. ohh and you have to call them so they can come to do your check in. The cherry on top of the cake was when “the super smart” guy behind the desk told me to make sure to go to the bathroom before the flight, as the plane didn’t have any WC.
When I saw the plane I got why, it seemed that a big plane spit that one… only 9 rows, and the pilot, who casually explained us what to do if we crash, pilot the plane in front of me. I guess if I weren’t scared for my life, I would find it cool to see him manipulate during takeoff and landing. After an hour of fear for my life, we arrived to Milano Malpensa where my luggage never came. They actually managed to lose a luggage that I saw them charging on the tiniest plane I saw in my life.
So here I am, in Milano with no clothes, no cable for my pc to charge it, and especially no news from the company. I keep calling the number they gave me, no one never picks up… you can imagine my frustration. When I arrived to Hotel Cavour, the front desk person wasn’t astonished about my situation. He told me that it happens a lot, and that he will try calling them as well, but I shouldn’t have too much hope.
I have chosen Hotel Cavour, because it is literally 2 minutes away from via della Spiga, but I didn’t expect my room being that bad. It was quite tiny, and my tv’s screen was smaller than my pc’s screen. I bought internet for 24 hours, but the connection was very low or inexistent, so I didn’t really manage to use it. So do I advise this hotel? Well I guess it depends on what you are expecting; if you just want a nice hotel, nice stay, nice people… shouldn’t be your first choice. But if you are looking for just a place to sleep by the happening area, go for it.
One of my reasons to pick that hotel up was also that it was 5 minutes away from Nobu. And off course I had to return and see my cute bartender Andrea, eat the yummy food, and just because I didn’t want to go back to my small room, go to “Prive”. It’s Armani Nobu’s night club. It was really fun, when we arrived I was the oldest person there, including the friend with whom I was. Then the crowd started to change, there was a mix of ages and professions. I even met a definitely working lady, who told that she was a “desperate housewife”. Believe me she didn’t look that desperate next to her client;)
As usual it was a successful Nobu night, and it kind of made me forget my horrible day… Let’s hope they find my suitcase tomorrow

Last night I went with a friend to the terrace opening of Hotel Le Richemond in Geneva. At the beginning I thought they were opening a new terrace and was really wondering where it could be, as although the hotel is beautiful, it doesn’t have that kind of space.
And off course with my luck it was pouring outside….The hotel has a valet parking, but only for expensive cars. And as they refused my little Fiat Panda last year, they lost me as a client, and normally I never go there.
Last night wanted to give another chance, and also was quite curious to see the opening of a terrace under the rain.
After struggling for a parking spot we arrived at the hotel. The Terrace opening was obviously happening indoors, and the “Terrace” is actually the little patio of the restaurant where they put normally 3 tables. They just organize this drink, to announce the summer, and the BIG opening of their terrace, which is between us smaller than my terrace at home.
The minute that we entered two people asked us if we would like to coat check and a third one offered us a drink, then we started to circulate sipping our bubbles, tasted few appetizers walking around. For me the hit was “the filet de boeuf” bite with Bearnaise sauce (unfortunately saw it only once).
The crowd was different than usual Geneva crowd, I actually believe that these people were there because they were the hotel clients, and wanted to make connections and not the usual crowd who enters because they see the light and they want free booze and food.
When we finally decided to leave, two ladies who were behind a flower stand, gave us a little bag with red and white paeonies, which was a nice touch.
I really liked the welcome and the good bye, made few connections, so it was a good night after all. I guess Le Richemond really wanted to announce the summer; it is just the Geneva forecast which was against it…

After I packed my stuff, we went back to Amsterdam in the red light district for dim sum. Although it was day time, I managed to see some ladies in the windows for hourly rent… Believe me you don’t want to rent them, even if they are on sale. When we finally arrived to Oriental City, I had a feeling of déjà vu. It reminded me of Royal Garden in London. You cannot book a table, when you arrive you have to put your name down, it was packed but luckily after 10 minutes we got a table. The menu is huge, and as usual our eyes were bigger than our stomach, so we ordered a lot. I think we could have fed a whole village. It was delicious and really not expensive… I think the perfect spot for Sunday lunch with friends. Don’t hope to meet someone there, beside few lost people who were there for a date (they seriously need to get a life), it was mainly group of people composed of families, or/and friends.
Whenever I go to London, I end up eating at Italian restaurants, and in Amsterdam it seems that I ended up eating at Asian restaurants… but when during lunch my friends told me that I should put Amsterdam as one of the cities in “Nat & The City”, I quite liked the idea. I only had a glimpse of it and I really want to discover more. I guess next time I will try to do some sightseeing. I want to discover the museums of Van Gogh and Rembrandt… but I also want to wonder in the Red Light District ;)
When I finally arrived at my dear Schiphol airport, I was full and tipsy and had to run to not miss my flight. I guess after these three days in the Netherlands, I am going to need a week of detox, to clean my body… and be ready for my next trip next week in Milano…

After our crazy Queensday, we decided to not let go and to start our day with sushis. We went to Yamazato at the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam. It is a traditional Japanese restaurant, and it was the perfect food for our hangover. The restaurant was quite full, the stuff is really nice, and thanks god they speak well English. And I might say quite funny to see the Japanese people speaking Dutch as well. But you know me I have to criticize… although the food was delicious; they had a strange way to bring the dishes. I don’t know why, they never managed to bring the dishes at the same time at everyone. So we always had one person odd, watching the others eating…
And the highlight of the lunch was the sake we ordered, when I asked my friends the name of it, they said, don’t know ask for the blue bottle… So here is a city secret. If you go to Amsterdam, at the restaurant Yamazato… ask for the blue bottle sake, and believe me you won’t forget it ;)
Saturday night, I experienced another restaurant, and this time it was in The Hague, “Wox”. It is cosy restaurants, with fusion food, and literally an encyclopedia instead of a wine list. No kidding that it won an award of excellence by Wine Spectator in 2008. So we shared several appetizers and main dishes and few bottles of wine. The crowd… hmm I saw few cuties, so I guess nice spot to meet people, and the good news you can eat at the bar, so better chances to interact.
After dinner, we looked around at the bars, but I guess everybody was either in bed trying to recuperate or still on a boat in Amsterdam, reviving the Queen’s day…

This morning when I woke up, I still had the wine, sake and vodka in my blood… Thanks god didn’t have too many appointments. I spent my day between rain and sunshine walking in the streets of Milan, trying to finish my errands. I walked so much that at the end of the day I couldn’t feel my feet. But everybody knows how retail therapy can make you feel better.
When I returned to my shoe box at Hotel Cavour, I kept trying to reach Malpensa for my suitcases, and finally at 5pm they announced me that it would arrive to my hotel that night around 10 – 11pm.
Well I guess another night where I should do creative clothing with what I have and what I have purchased. My friend brought me to this bar for aperitivo called Blanco, which is situated in Porta Venezia. I always say that I love the Milanese aperetivo, because next to your drinks they always bring you food to nibble. When we arrived it was quite empty, but while we were sipping our bubbles and eating the yummy appetizers, it started to fill up a lot. The crowd was composed a bit of everything; cute boys and girls, good music and very good vibe. You could find casually dressed up people just chilling out as well as the ones who spent hours in front of the mirror and who couldn’t enjoy their drink simply because they needed to know if someone was looking at them.
Overall it was fun, but we had to leave as we had dinner reservation at Osteria Del Corso in Brera. It is known to be a who’s who restaurant, so with my Milan luck I was sure I would see another football player… we all know that the real celebrities in Milan are the models, and the football players. Although my friends explained me that it would be the usual crowd. Tonight we just saw Piero Chiambretti, who is a famous anchor for the midnight Chiambretti show. Otherwise there were big groups of women and men. And with our luck we had the most annoying voice sitting next to us. She couldn’t stop talking, and it sounded like nails going down a board, you know that horrible voice… But even that annoying voice didn’t ruin my dinner. I had an amazing swordfish Carpaccio followed by a finger licking spaghetti with lobster, all this with a great wine and company. I really advise you to go there and enjoy a good meal. The working stuff and the owner are amazing as well.
My second day was less stressful and the fact that I received my luggage helped it. It was at 11.30pm, just in time to take it back with me to Geneva for Friday my morning train. Yes train, nothing would make me take that Twin Jet plane again, which could be described as Bermuda triangle for luggage, and/or fear box!!!!