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As you know by now, Sundays in Geneva are the most boring day because everywhere is closed, but in Milan most of Sundays the stores are open, depending if there is a fair or close to Xmas. And this Sunday some stores told me they would be open.
So we decided to have a brunch, then to go and do some more retail therapy. “Radetzky cafe” is full of cute boys and girls. You see that everybody made an extra effort, in case they meet someone… They don’t take reservations, and unfortunately the weather was cold and windy so we waited for a table inside and didn’t seat at the nice terrace. The inside room is all white with high ceilings. You have some individual and some commune tables. The only problem is that it has too much echo, so you barely communicate. But the food is great, although the service was a bit slow at my taste.
We were at a commune table, where we had Montezemolo (the owner of Tween and his brother is the Chairman of Ferrari and Fiat) and his family, and a couple who I believe came out from starvation. While we were waiting for our dishes, they swallowed four dishes, and the girlfriend almost lost her fingers in the process of licking her fingers to not miss a crumb. And to complete this charming scene, they were eating each others face between each bite.
Telling you very entertaining, wished I had cute guys next to me, but this was fun as well.
Unfortunately this Sunday most of the stores were closed. So we ended up having teas and coffees at Armani cafe. the decor all in black and red is cold, but that was not the problem, they were adorable with us and my friend’s dog. But when I opened the menu I was shocked how they were pricing things. If you take a tea at the bar is 3 Eur, but if you take it at a table it costs you 6 Eur, so every drink is doubled or more if you want to have them at your table. Which means if you are a table of 10, you will pay 60 Eur instead of 30 Eur just because you want your tea at the table and not standing at the bar… plus tip!!!
I guess Armani is not making enough profits with the clothes, the flowers, the furniture, the accessories, the cosmetics and the chocolates, so he decided to rip people off with his teas and coffees…
Oh well, I guess next time I would chose Trussardi cafe where they do it more discretely ;)

My second day in Milano was much less stressful, beautiful sunny day to start with… no rush, we took all our time to go Montenapoleone, there we booked at one of my favorite spots. It is called “Il Salumaio”. It is a hidden inside court. They have fresh pasta, cold cuts, other delicious plates and a great sunny terrace. True, it is full of tourists who saw the light and came in, but you see lots of locals as well, who just wants to take a break from the busy streets. And my favorite dish is the “crespelle al tartuffo”, miam!!! and the other great thing about this spot is to watch the people. When we say Milan, people think fashion, but unfortunately some tourists are taking this too literally. It is my guilty pleasure to watch those people who get dressed so badly and think they are making a fashion statement. For example, I know the denim is back this year, but do you really need to wear a denim tutu skirt??? Especially when you don’t have 15 years old anymore (actually you have a daughter of 15 years old….)
Anyway, after lunch I continued my quest of dress and thanks to a contact discovered a store, where I chose the model and the color, and they would do a couture one for me. Sooo happy because finally I will have exactly what I want :)
At night we went to have dinner at Giacomo’s Bistrot. It has two rooms upstairs and a private room in the basement. We were on the library room. My friends go very often to that place, so it was like a home feeling. Great service, great refined Italian food, and the ambiance is chilled and relax. It is the perfect spot if you want to go out with friends and enjoy your food and their company. We hesitated to go out at a club later, but you know my motto, I never go out to clubs on week-ends. It is overcrowded and with people who cannot make it during the week and collects the funds to spend on the week-end.
So week-end is for dinner and maybe a last drink and basta ;)

Today I came to Milan, there are not lots of companies who does Geneva – Milano direct flights. I am used to take Baboo, my only problem is that the flight leaves at 7am from Geneva, which means I need to wake up at 4.30am, do I need to add more?
As usual Geneva airport was slow, and the flight short. Once in Milan airport, while waiting for my luggage, I noticed that the Italian custom guys, were more checking women passing by than actually the suitcases. That was the first sign telling me, you are in Italy…
Although I love Milan, I notice that whenever I come back to Milan, I spend most of my time in the car; it is not a distance problem, it is more a traffic problem. There is always a reason for traffic, a fashion fair, it is Friday, or Monday, or Tuesday, or an accident, or this or that. I guess it makes part of the charm and makes your destination the Promised Land. After spending more than an hour in the car, finally I arrived to destination. Today my mission is to find an evening gown, and my strategy is to go to some showrooms and then to go and explore all the boutiques in via Montenapoleone, and via della Spiga, basically the streets of whose who…
Well after spending hours in the traffic, walking until I couldn’t feel my feet, and trying I don’t know how many dresses… I still didn’t make my choice… which means tomorrow I am starting again. But I discovered an incredible designer. Giovanni Cavagna. He only sells at his showroom in Milan, and every piece is unique as he mixes different materials and most of his creations are hand stitched.
If you have an event and you want to have a one of a kind dress, you should definitely contact him.
I finish my day at a birthday party, which was held in a great space called 10wat. It looks like a big loft where you can rent any room you want, which are decorated in different styles. The party was happening in the Color room and Ethnic room. Two rooms with very modern decors, but the highlight was the bathroom, which was very big, where the bathtub was filled with water candles and flowers, and the walls where in glass.
Exhausted but happy I finished my first day in Milan… let’s see what tomorrow would reserve, and if I am going to find my dream dress..

All my friends know that I am a shoe addict, when I see a pair that I love, I need to have them, and sometimes I am ashamed of the price that I put in shoes. Once of my bosses in the past even proposed me to pay with shoes instead of money. What can I say some people invest in property, I invest in shoes…

I have purchased my first Louboutin, couple of years ago when I first created my company in NY to congratulate myself… I had to have one, because I thought it was very sexy wearing those red sole pumps.
You have to understand, wearing a Louboutin is not that easy, you have to have very thin toes, otherwise you might need to cut your fourth finger. At the beginning, I remember having tears in my eyes cause I wanted to keep them all night long.
But with time you learn, some put some Vaseline in their toes (be careful to not put too much cause you risk the fly), my trick is to buy a size bigger to have more space in the front, and believe it or not train myself to wear them. And it works; now I have several “les putains” as I call them and they are among my most comfy shoes.

When I moved back to Geneva, I was very sad, because there was only one store selling them but only basics that I already owned, so I needed to travel again to buy them.
But good news Geneva, since December, Geneva has its own Louboutin store…
I have tried to be strong and not go to the store, but today I had to go… come on, I just came from detox and lost weight, and when some people buy clothes to celebrate that, I need to buy shoes ;)
So after lunch I went to their store in rue du Rhone (which is our Via Montenapoleone, or our Madisson Avenue). It is a beautiful store on two levels, I highly advise to check upstairs as well, the working staff is very helpful and sweet. And the most important, they have a great selection, and they have sizes.
While I was trying my future adopted kids, the store was very busy. And almost everyone was leaving with at least one pair of “les putains”.
I guess the crisis is not touching the sexy red sole pumps in Geneva!!!!

My lovely New Yorkers, again you are the lucky ones, Ralph Lauren usually throws a friends and family sale around April but this year the company is hosting a cause related marketing promotion instead. From Tuesday, April 6th to Monday, April 12th you can get 25% off your Ralph Lauren purchase and the company will donate 10% of your bill to the United Way Worldwide Disaster Fund.
Enjoy it… and for the ones not living in USA, check out their US website.

Finally home and trying to adapt to regular life. It is a little hard because of the Easter week-end and all, but I am adapting.

Each family, religion, country has its own Easter tradition. I am Orthodox and in my family it is simple, we color the chicken eggs (fun day for the kids and adults). Easter day, if I am my niece and nephew, I tell them the Easter bunny just called me and they have to hide in the kitchen, so it can hide the eggs in the garden. So the two little innocent would go to the kitchen hiding, more because they are scared to be face to face with a giant bunny, than anything else, while I hide the eggs.
And before lunch, we would look for those eggs, and after lunch we would do our Easter egg tapping content for a full fledged egg o’war. This is commonly referred to as egg tapping, or egg knocking. And we select a winner… It is a fun day for the family, and a good occasion to get together, and eat again.

This year I am in Geneva and the kids are with their parents in Turkey, so it is only with my mom and sis. I told them to come over for lunch so we could sit outside and eat light (as I am trying to stabilize my weight). It was a nice lunch; they brought the colored eggs ad I am proud to announce that I was the winner of egg tapping this year!!!! I am telling you, this year is my year.
I wish you all a happy Easter…

It has been 9 days that I am at the clinic Buchinger. So far so good. I am resting, working out, taking care of my back and losing weight. Fasting is not only for people who want to lose weight, it is a great detox plan, and helps in many medical areas. I know some of you would raise your eyebrows when I talk about fasting, but each their own belief, and I can talk because I was against it and saw all the benefits on me.

Believe it or not, the hard part is not fasting, is going back home and resisting to the temptations (at least for the beginning). I have already told my family that they can forget me for Easter lunch, would join them after for the eggs tapping. I cannot be tempted, and honestly learned few recipes that I am dying to try.

Let me quickly tell you few words about the other patients in the clinic, they are composed of mostly elderly (who come back every year) and some overweight people. Impressed with the elderly though, they swim, workout and fast. What a discipline !!! Whereas I see the younger ones, especially the crowd from the “Mediterranean side” to not specify the countries, who cheat on their fasting or diet, who go and eat a sausage or even Mc Donalds before dinner. I laugh but I think it is sad that they pay for this, and they don’t follow. Those come back as well, cause even if they lose a little, by the time they arrive at the airport, they put the kilos back on.
Apparently the clinic had to put some strict rules, cause at a point , some people would order pizza; and the poor delivery guy, scared for his life; would pass in front of all the starving patients, to deliver the pizzas.

Anyway, today I started the re-adaptation, cause Saturday going back to my normal life. Which means I had an apple compote for lunch, an apple for snack and a vegetable soup for dinner. Funnily it is harder than having soup, juice, tea, and water all day. It is the day that I like less… but again it means I am going home soon fresh and ready to attack Easter and Spring.

So get ready peeps, my boring and calm life is about to be over, have a pretty busy April and May, where I have several trips planned, a lot’s of places to discover….

As I am having a boring life in my clinic, let me give u some more hints for sales. I don’t know if u r fans or not of 7 jeans. In case you are interested prices on the website are up to 60% off but you must use the private sale link to see all the discounted products. So my 7 fans, if you want to order your jeans, shoes or handbags at a sale price follow this link private sale

So today I have started my fasting for 10 days, I am sure you are not interested on my lovely meals composed of soup, juice and herbal teas. And some of you think that I am crazy, but believe me it is amazing, you are not hungry at all, and u feel great. Last year I fasted for 22 days, and I was at the peak of my creativity.
What do I do all day long? workout like a mad woman, do walks in the countryside… and off course it was a very good excuse to buy hiking shoes (with no heels believe it or not) and an outfit for that to make my fashion statement ;)
And I finally do massages every day… and discovered “Chi Nei Tsang” which literally means “working the energy of the internal organs”. It is a holistic approach to the healing touch modality of old Taoist Chinese origin. It integrates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being.
It is a massage mainly used for 4 reasons; it detoxifies, it helps to restructure and strengthen the body, it helps us to deal better with our emotional life, and it teaches us to know ourselves better.
Basically, it is a massage that lasts 45 minutes, where the therapist is pressing some points in your abdomen, which helps you to let go all the emotional and physicals blockages.
I became an addict, cause after every session, you feel great, so if you have time and find a specialist, I highly advise u to try it out.

Monday morning I woke up, and decided it was time to do my spring cleaning… since the beginning of the year I am cleaning my life, and now it is big time to clean my body again. Cause let’s be honest between, the bubbles, and the vodkas on the rock, and my ciggies, I wasn’t really treating my body well.
I scheduled a hypnoses session to quit smoking on Tuesday and Wednesday I decided to go to my favorite clinic for detox and fasting in Germany.
So like an inmate in death row, I quickly prepared a “bucket list”, or i should say a “must eat” list, for my last meals.
And for my last meal I chose “L’Entrecote”, I am sure everybody knows what is Entrecote, but in case you don’t, it is the fancy version of Cafe de Paris in Geneva. I go to Entrecote twice a year and I enjoy myself fully.
Don’t lose my time with the salad, attack directly my beef almost alive, cause I like it blue rare, and to be sure that my beef and yummy french fries are soaking with the special sauce, I order some extra…
Entrecote is one of the forever places in Geneva, every person who visits the city, need to pass by and eat. They never take reservation, so even in the middle of the freezing winter; you will have people queuing outside.
The bad news is that Entrecote lost its battle and need to change its address latest by 2013. And there would be a luxury store instead… I personally think Geneva needs more restaurants like Entrecote, than luxury stores… and I would miss it…
If you plan to visit Geneva, come before 2013 so u can taste our yummy Entrecote!!!