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My lucky New Yorkers, Hermes sale starts tomorrow… today was the VIP sale, and tomorrow the public sale and runs until Sunday.
The address is Metropolitan Pavilion: 123 W. 18th St., which is near Sixth Avenue.
Voila I hope u will find good stuff

Having lived in New York for few years I was spoiled with delivery services, not only food but anything you want, any time you want…. First of all The Deli’s and Diner’s are open 24/7, and beside that almost every restaurant and grocery store delivers…
I understand Geneva is a much smaller city, so it is not the same hassle like the big cities… but you would think in a city where it rains a lot (why do u think Geneva is so green???) where everything is closed on Sundays (even some restaurants), and you want to have a day off cooking, you would have a bigger service for food deliveries.
When I first moved back to Geneva, I really suffered because of that. Found two grocery stores that deliver, but their time slot was not practical, when u order u have to wait at least two days… who wants to wait for tomatoes or soap for the dishwasher for two days, you prefer to go to the store right away to finish your food recipe and wash your dishes.
My big battle was for the food delivery, you almost have nothing. Well nope, and actually the only delivery is for pizza’s and they r really not that good.
What do you do if have a burger craving? and don’t tell me Mc Donalds, cause first I don’t do that, and second they don’t deliver in Geneva.
Well good news, there is a new burger joint in Geneva, Buns, and most importantly they deliver until 10.30 pm.
So last night was the perfect timing to taste it, rain outside, blocked because of my back, I just felt like comfort food. You can order directly from their website, the delivery is supposed to be 45 min following the order, but you have to pick a time, and basically by the time you do the whole thing, you have a message telling your order would come in an hour. Mine came after 69 minutes… and effectively after that lucky number it was a pleasure ;)
The bun was still warm, the bacon crispy, the cheese well melted and the steak not overcooked…
So if you have a burger craving, and you are sure it is not gonna go away after an hour, give it a shot, it is really worth it!!!
Now I need to find a brunch place (not a hotel cause brunch buffet is not my thing), where I can have my “eggs benedict” with my crispy bacon and my “bloody mary”…

Last night I was invited by friends to a “blind dining experience”. The concept is simple, once you arrive you wear a mask that completely block out all light. And you eat a five course dinner, and sip a different wine with every dish. During the whole process, you have a blind person who is present and helps you go through the adventure.
One of my biggest fears is to lose my vision, when they put me the mask, I completely panicked, I felt that i was claustrophobic and hoped that it would end soon. Someone helped me to walk through my seat… believe me thanks god I wasn’t wearing my 10 inch high heels. I was walking like a baby who just learned how to walk. Once seated, I started to listen who was seating where, and with my hands felt where my plate, cutlery and glasses were. I felt a bottle of water, tried to fill my glass, happily noticed operation was a success.
The food started to come, the first appetizer was easy cause used my hands and had a tooth pick, the second dish “after touching it and smelling it”, was a “foie gras” with toasted bread and salad, I was really tempted to eat with my hands. I guess my plate was a massacre, at a point found a piece if foie gras on my lap, used all the knifes cause kept losing the one I had on my plate, ate a lot of air… thanks god this was a blind dining and not a blind date, cause I guess my date would have left me on the spot…
Then came the risotto where I felt like a champion, the only problem was to cut the scallops (honestly as everyone was blind I didn’t care so instead of the hassle showered the whole thing in my mouth), and we arrived to the chicken with polenta puree, I was done trying, cut the air few times, managed to catch few bites to put in my mouth…
For the wine, I mastered a system; every wine that I didn’t like pushed it away, and kept the ones that I like close to me.
Funny facts, as we were blind, everybody felt the need to talk louder, and apparently everybody had their head up (now I understand Steve Wonder when he sings), and some people lost the track of time, believe me I didn’t was really waiting to be over and recover my sight.
Finally in the middle of desert we all decided to take the masks off, looked at the room, my sensation wasn’t that wrong about the room and the shape of the table. Looked every persons plate and glass settings, the glasses where all over their plates, and looked at mine… oh god, where is my sis who will tell I am a control freak… on my right side three glasses of wine were ranged one after the other on a perfect line, with open eyes I couldn’t do that perfect. On my left side my glass of water, with the bottle ready to be served.
After all it was an incredible adventure, I recommend to everyone to try it once, everyone tries it to experience the quality of their palate, and I was 99% right about every dish. My observation was on a different level. The first one is we have to thank god every day to have our vision, damn it is hard and although the blind person seemed to be well adjusted to his life (he even owns a restaurant in the dark, where he serves), when I asked him what he misses, he replied my autonomy, I would love to be able to drive, and also see people’s eyes when I talk to them..
The second observation I had is different. Girls I am telling u, leave the South Beach , Atkins, or any other diet… just try the blind dining, you will definitely lose weight, as you exercise your arms when trying to eat, and basically eat more air than food, I am telling you this is gonna be a new diet book!!!!
Joke aside, it is an incredible adventure and I urge everyone to try it, yes for the gastronomical level it is interesting, but the real experience is to live, even for a short time, what blind people live every day…

Lately I am trying to take more and more baths because of my back problems. So I decided to check out the good bath products that could make me relax and smell good. I know Occitane is a great brand, and has great products. So I went to their store in Geneva.
When you enter the store, you smell all these aromas from “la Provence”, and you basically are tempted to buy everything. I asked for the “lavender, fizzy pebble for the bath”, and they took out a pack of three and informed me that they are sold separately for CHF 5.50,- each. I thought it was expensive, but thought this is supposed to be the “caviar” of the bath products so bought two; and told to myself you will use them for special days.
So when the special day arrived, I was all excited about it, effectively the water became purple, a nice smell filled the room. But honestly once you are in it, it didn’t relax me or made me feel more special than any other brand. Actually I might even say, I felt more effects with the brand that I buy at the Coop (Geneva’s main grocery store) for CHF 1.50,- than with the Occitane one. At least after the cheap one, my body still smells Lavender… and I can have almost 4 baths for the price of one…
Occitane, I love your body creams but, but forget me for the bath products.

I thought it was time to go finally to the Geneva Motor Show, come on it is one of Geneva’s biggest events…
Before getting to my journey, let me explain you something about Geneva. As it is not a very big city, but still metropolitan, so the airport is 5 km from the city center and has direct connections to expressways, bus lines and railways (SBB-CFF-FFS). So traveling from Geneva is very easy… and the Motor Show takes place at Palexpo, which is by the airport, which means not that far from the city.
So although I decided to go on a week-end, and I knew there would be traffic, I couldn’t believe when I got blocked on the road just after the lake. Thanks God I was with my sister, so we could chat during our an hour journey to the “Promised Land”. We had all the way these traffic polices who would try to direct us to park before the Palexpo, and take the bus… But my sis and I decided that we were not tourist and we would find a way to park close by and not have the hassle to wait for the bus. Finally after an hour and 10 minutes of drive, we were parked at l’Arena (which is by the airport as well) and walking towards the show.
It was very packed, so we checked the map and decided a specific route to not lose time and leave before it gets crazier.
Inside the Halls; where the cars are exposed it was so warm that we could barely breath… we tried to see the cars, but there were so many people that we didn’t even manage to approach them. And the cherry on top of the cake was the Porsche stand. They had put a barrier all around so you couldn’t get in, so people where lining around, trying to get in as if it was a new hip club opening and you had to be in the list to access. And as we all know that is the trick for the new clubs, they don’t let people in with the excuse of “it is a private party” or “you are not on the list”. Therefore there is a big line outside, and makes people even more want to see what it is all about. And believe me from my own experience, 80% of those clubs are actually empty… it is just an illusion and a great marketing trick.
But unfortunately for Porsche we could see inside “the barriers”, only 5 cars and sales people. They looked more like caged zoo animals, and I felt like looking for a sign saying “please do not feed the animals”
But wait, isn’t the car show supposed to be “The” place where people can have access to the cars they would normally not? I mean isn’t it the whole purpose of it? what are they afraid of? that someone is gonna touch the car? and then what? every stand had someone cleaning the cars, can’t Porsche afford one???
Honestly, if they wanted to make a statement, it didn’t really work for me, and the worst because of them I almost fainted because there was so many people outside that I was blocked between a stinking men and and hit by the back pack of another men…
So after an hour and 10 minutes of traffic, we did the show in 50 minutes so we couldn’t take it anymore. If you ask which cars I saw, I cannot even answer you, the only thing that I saw was people, and cars from a distance.
Maybe I should stick to their website and the news so I can really see the cars, and go to their showroom if I want to approach the cars.
I have spent more than two hours in my car (let’s not forget the traffic on the way back), to go and come back from La Terre Promise and personally it wasn’t worth it!!!

Last night it was the 9th year anniversary of the Capocaccia Geneva…. one of the nights not to miss in Geneva. It is located in Confederation Centre right at the heart of Geneva. Normally I go there every Thursday for the Milanese Happy Hour, where you have a food buffet and great music. Last night we had several food buffets, full of Italian specialties, a champagne stand, mojito corner and big wine stand. A great DJ, and even singers…
The crowd was great, the usual Capoholics, bankers, Geneva socialites, and party people.
The restaurant is quite small, but they had the genius idea to take all the outside as well, and although we are freezing in Geneva these days, as it is in a mall protected by glass doors, and full of people, it was not a problem to be outside… and even smoke
I was happy cause managed to see so many people that I haven’t seen for a while, you know with all my trips and all, met new people, had few drinks, ate well, and had great fun.
what a woman can expect more? a man? well there were beautiful men and women, but I was just in the mood to catch up with my old friends… men can wait another party, another time….
So thank you guys to throw another great party and I urge everyone to go and eat their delicious paninis for lunch, or simply enjoy their happy hours… believe me it is great to have a place like Capo in Geneva, where having fun and spending a good time is guaranteed!!! I will say A++ for Capocaccia Geneva

In every country I live or even visit, I always manage to have someone who comes home for my massage and nails… although in NY you don’t need anyone for the nails, cause there are more nail spas than Starbucks at every corner of town. but the problem is for waxing…
Boys, this normally doesn’t include you , unless u want to have your chest waxed ;) In Geneva, I have my massage therapist, who is amazing and I know she does waxing as well, but I prefer to use my time with her having a good massage. For the nails, I have the quickest woman of the world. And I know in Geneva there is a network of Bresilians who does it as well, for a cheaper price, but I personally don’t really like they way of putting the nail polish… they basically color all your fingers, and then with the nail polish remover clean the sides… I wear always dark nail polish colors, so imagine the mess, I end up having irritated blue/purple.blackish fingers….
anyway let’s talk about the waxing…
in Geneva, everything needs to be by appointment, but I discovered this place, where you don’t take an appointment, you can go any time you want, and you never wait more than 15 min. And the plus is that you can buy a yearly card, so you pay peanuts and it is quick.
So if you are in town and you have half an hour to kill before your next appointment, you can just go to L’ile de Beaute and get over with it.

Ok I think I need to talk about the Oscars, I have to first admit that I am in love with Alec Baldwin and his humor. And the combo of him and Steve Martin as presenters was great. Among the guests I don’t know what was George Clooney’s problem (and as every woman in his planet I am his fan… even more since I met him…), cause he had an attitude, I read on papers that he was hiding a little bottle of liquor in his pocket, tipsy Georgie???? or simply as he said on the red carpet, he knew he was not gonna win the Oscar, and was just bored.
Talking about the red carpet, omg, all the dresses were outstanding, it was the big show. My fave was the Channel dress of Sarah Jessica Parker, perrrrfect. And although Jennifer Lopez’ Armani Prive dress was too dramatic, I loved it. What a change from all the Marchesa dresses she keeps wearing.
And finally Demi Moore in Atelier Versace… can she get any younger and beautiful??? I know she has a youth source at home, and a yummy one, I might add. I really think we should brand Ashton Kutcher, every household needs one of those… I seriously believe having a younger boyfriend/husband is the new black, and should stay that way ;)
The Oscar of the worst dress goes to…. Zoe Saldana in Givenchy, what was she thinking, I might even say what was Givenchy thinking, why to try to put three dresses in one??? she would have looked better if she kept her blue Avatar outfit!!!! And Charlize Theron? is she so desperate to show that she has boobs that she needs to wear a dress like that? I mean Dior Haute Couture got it, she wants to make a statement like always got it as well (although wasn’t really fan of her bow dress as well, it looked like a second black head on her shoulders), but Charlize, I think you should try some better dresses, and you have no excuse, with your hot body, you can pull anything…. I mean almost anything…
About the winners, I am a Sandra Bullock fan, and I loved her acceptance speech, true her dress reminded me of the Oscar statue, but between all the outstanding dresses, it was a little fade …
Jeff Bridges speech though was the most moving of all of them, and he is still hoooooot.
Voila, I felt like adding my input for the Oscars, hope you enjoyed it :)

Last night I was planing to spend a calm Sunday evening home, when a very good friend called me to say he is in town with a friend, and he booked at Tse-Yang, one of Geneva’s most famous Chinese restaurant. Personally I think it is a little overpriced and prefer the Chinese in my neighborhood, but anyway got ready and went to join them. The Tse-Yang is situated at the Kempinsky hotel (old Hilton) and has an amazing view. One of the big problems of this restaurant is that beside the regular stuff they keep hiring these Chinese students, who basically know three words of French and some English, so you can definitely expect an error in your order, we were lucky, simply one dish was missing and they brought it before we finish the dinner.
So overall ok food, great view, ok service, I would say a good night and the company was great so cares…
After dinner we decided to go to the Leopard Lounge, one of the only places open in Geneva on Sundays. By the way did I tell you that Geneva is a ghost city on winter Sundays? everything is closed, the weather is cold, so not really much to do.
I had been to the Leopard Lounge during week nights and it is always quite full, and normally there is a live band, that is generally good. In case you don’t remember the name of the lounge, the decor makes sure to remind you… the walls, the carpet, the pillows and lots of small details are all in leopard print, and last nigh we were lucky cause on the tv there was a documentary on leopards. The crowd is quite mix, no teenagers, but lot’s of secret lovers, some “ladies” looking for clients, some “ladies” with clients, and some others like us who just wanna have a drink. We went for one drink but off course left almost before they close the bar at 2am.
The report of the night, good way to spend a Sunday night if you don’t wanna be a couch potato, even though you regret it on Monday morning, but it was worth it…

Last night I was invited to a dinner at a friends’ house a little outside of Geneva, now that I have a Tom Tom (a GPS), I am very confident finding addresses cause generally I have such a bad sense of direction that I can be lost in my neighborhood… actually the only time I am good with directions is when I need to find a shop…. Go figure why!!! So it has been 1 year that I have a love/hate relationship with my Tom Tom, it is a woman’s voice who is telling how to go, and sometimes she is playing tricks on me… and last night she made me pass through some roads that I am not sure where actually for cars, thanks god my little fiat panda 4×4 is not afraid of any road. My problem was on my way back, where my Tom Tom friend that I call “the girl in the box”, has decided to make me suffer and froze her screen, so I didn’t know which road to take, and almost got lost in Geneva’s countryside… I was lucky cause I found my way back, I guess a new store is about to open in my neighborhood ;)

This new friend is an event planner, and I already attended to the store and restaurants openings and parties she did, and I loved them, so I was quite excited to see how she will organise a 14 people seated dinner. It was great… although she kept saying that her “party trick was to give lots of liquids to her guests, so they will starve and won’t criticize the food”, the food was delicious and the “apple martinis” were to die for and made more than one victim….
after what I saw; and I guess by now u know that I am a big critic; if u want to have a store opening, a new business launch even a house dinner to throw, and you are new in Geneva, you should contact her company cause beside the fact that she is great event planner, she has a very good listing of people!!!!