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In a city calm like Geneva, the Car Show Week is one of the busiest weeks. People from all around Europe come to see the new cars. The airport is overcrowded, the roads on the rive droite are blocked, and restaurants are full of people. What a change for Geneva where in winter after 7pm the roads are quasi-empty.
I am waiting the first craziness to leave to go and see the car show, i heard this year it is all about futuristic cars… who knows someone might need to go to space ….
But in the meantime I decided to go for lunch to one of my favorite spots in town, Quirinale. It is more known for the evening crowd, where you can have a drink at bar, then have dinner and after return to the bar for a last drink or for dancing. And one of the good points for me is that, the crowd is not full of teenagers…
for lunch normally it is more quite, and nice to eat around the bar. But today I went with my mother and sister, so we took a table. it was full, more businessman than tourists.
Normally the service is good but i guess they changed the staff, and with our luck we had a new waiter… the poor guy seemed lost, and overwhelmed… we had to repeat everything cause he manage to never get it right the first time. And when we asked for some extra bread, he brought a bread basket put it on our table, and with his hands took one by one all the remaining breads and put them in the new basket. I saw the shock in my mom’s eyes, i was laughing… then came the coffee order, he brought us the coffees, and one sugar, and when we asked for more, one by one he brought us little sugar packages and throw them at the table…. no comment
In a little bistrot I wouldn’t mind about that kind of a service, but at Quirinale, where it is suppose to be a chic restaurants, and where you cannot leave without dropping 50usd (without alcohol), I think they should really train the waiters before letting them work.
Overall the food was ok, but they should improve big time the service…

Monday morning we went to see a fashion show, Federico Sangalli (, he is one of the new upcoming designers. They had changed the time of the show, so I managed to see only the last 4 outfits that I liked a lot. And we went back stage to meet and congratulate him. I urge you to check his line.
In the afternoon I had meetings in Lugano, Switzerland and took a flight from Lugano to Geneva.
If you have never been to the airport of Lugano get ready… it is so small that it looks like a parking lot with mini planes. When you first arrive you feel the need to double check if you are at the right spot. Once you make your check-in, you cannot access to the gates, they open them only 45 minutes before the departure. Actually they are only 3 gates, and it looks like a waiting room of a doctor office. And the good point is that it is very clean, and thanks to the lack of extreme air traffic, you always leave on time.
I was quite happy to leave from Lugano instead of Milano Malpensa where it is a total chaos….

So I spent a long week-end in Milan for the fashion week, on Sunday night we went to have dinner at Nobu, which is located in via Manzoni at the Armani store that makes the whole block. When i used to live in Milan, Nobu was favorite spot, during the aperitivo, they would put a buffet full of delicious food. Now they just bring you a bento box with few selection but it is still quite yummy. I guess the crisis even hit Nobu and Armani…
Although it was Sunday night, and I guess thanks to fashion week, there was a nice crowd and to my big suprise, we could smoke. My friends told me that they have spent a ridiculous amount of money to build a ventilation system, that aspires the smoke very quickly. Effectively people were smoking but there was no smoke or bad smell. Anything to watch??? well beside our cute bartender Andrea of 20 and something with his dimples and little arrogance, there was a professional football player, Boriello with few friends.
Overall, I still give an A+ to Nobu Milano, good food, good service and good people.

Yesterday I arrived to Milano, as it is the fashion week, the city was full of fashion people running from one show to the other, and paparazzi hoping to get a glimpse of celebrities…
At night my friend booked a restaurant called Ibiza, which is there forever. We arrived at 9.30 pm and were sitting in the right side room, the rest was almost empty. Soon after people started to come, and by 10.30pm the place was packed with wannabes, young girls of 18 years old with never ending legs with their date who could be their dad, and a has been football player, Bobo, with his entourage who was there just for a free meal.
The food was decent, and service very quick. By midnight the waiters started to distribute ashtrays to every table. that it a great point, as it has been years that smoking is forbidden in restaurants in Milan.
My opinion, overall it was a great evening, was funny to watch people and gossip about them. But if you want to spend a night catching up with your friends, don’t go to the right side room, the music and the people are so loud that you even have difficulties to hear your own thoughts… go to the other room where it is non-smoking and much calmer… but again you will miss all the fun.