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Perched on the ninth floor of Barney’s store, Fred’s is one of the perfect lunch spots in the city. While you eat a delicious meal, you can watch the ladies, dressed in Chanel and Prada, with all their shopping bags taking their lunch break from their busy shopping day and some suited men, who came for a quick lunch.

You have few random tourists with the family, sharing a pizza while they ask their kids to behave.

That day, my mom, sis and I represented the ultimate shopaholics, at a well deserved break from our mission. While we sipped our bubbles to celebrate our “hard work”, I shared a winter salad with my mom and ate my eggs benedict… come on it is Sunday and I have to have my eggs benedict fix ;)

She had the Marsala sauce veal; it was very tasty but the portion was too large…

My sister, started with the lobster bisque followed by a burger. You know the kind of burger that looks juicy and yummy.
The only low point? Their crispy bacon, it had no smoky taste, actually no taste at all!!!!

The star dishes of the restaurant seemed to be the pizza and the french fries. I guess i will need to taste them next time :) .

The service was correct, not exceptional. It would have been better if our waiter didn’t disappear all the time. The crowd was composed of professional shoppers like us and some families…

Overall, with the risk of repeating myself, Fred’s at Barney’s is one of the best spots for lunch while you shop in upper east side NY!!!!

Like most of the cities in the world, every store closes on December 25th in New York. The good news is, the sales start on the 26th. Some leading stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Barney’s, Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s have intensive sales for few days.

For me to go to Macy’s, I need to be forced at gunpoint. It is so big, and there are so many people, that I need an oxygen mask to survive on a regular day, so imagine during the sales….

Saks Fifth Avenue already had no merchandise left since the Thanksgiving sales, and I am not at Bloomingdale’s since the bedbugs decided to use it as their home…

So I started at Bergdorf Goodman shoe salon on the second floor… When you arrive at the floor, you have the feeling to be in a war zone, where women are fighting over shoes that varies between USD 600,- and USD 2’000,-

This is off course when there are no sales, go figure why these ladies shoe shop as if no tomorrow. We know that in Las Vegas, Casinos put a gaz in the aeration system to keep the players awake, so does BG found a gaz to make women want to shop????
I guess it will be another unresolved mystery, but I let you imagine the effects during the sales period!!!

Imagine a room full of women fighting to get a seat to try the shoes on, and the next room filled up with racks of Prada, Chanel, YSL, Louboutin, Manolo and Gucci (all my best friends) divided by sizes. In the middle of this madness, a young boy, collecting the unwanted shoes in a paper bag to put them in their shelf again… All this surrounded by some security guards (in case someone wants to run away with a shoe;) and sales who run like headless chickens to make their well deserved commission.

Thanks God, I have a masters degree in shoe shopping; cause I directly went to get what I wanted, found a sales associate, fought for a seat and adopted few pairs of shoes at 40% discount.

The next step was Barney’s where we first ate at Fred’s (will give you all the details on my next post), then off course went to see their shoe sales. I made a friend at shoe level, and his name is Dejan. Ladies, you have to ask him whenever you want to shop at Barneys. He is the shoe fairy… he will find you shoes and sizes that nobody can, and will always give you an honest opinion.

My shoe shopping day ended because of the snow storm, you know the blizzard that you heard in all the news… I guess it was a message from the Gods to make me realize they were not happy ;) )))