As I have mentioned in my previous posts, in New York at 3 – 4 pm, there is a cab shift so finding a cab is mission impossible.

So you have few options: you can take the metro (and as we know I don’t do that), beg for out of duty cabs to take you (and if you are on their way they will), get a town car (which will cost three times more than a regular cab)… or go to a bar and drink until the cab shift is over.

Today besides the cab shift we have the snow factor as well, so instead of killing ourselves we decided to make a stop at the St. Regis Hotel. Last time that I was at St Regis was to have dinner at “Adour” with my friends.

When you enter, you turn on your left for the tea room that they call “Astor Room”, “Adour” is on the right of it, and at the end of the room you have the “King Cole Bar”.

Before talking about the bar, let me tell you about their Astor Room. They have this pretentious person presiding empty tables, who thinks he is the king of the Astor Room. We told him we are three, looked at us and decided that we shouldn’t sit at the front, so brought us to the back at a tiny table for two.

When I had only a not happy face to my question: where the third person is supposed to sit? On my lap or at another table? We decided to leave him alone, with his empty tables and white clothes and go to the bar.

The bar was buzzing; we waited 10 minutes and finally got a place to sit. My mom and sis had a glass of bubble, and me a bloody mary, or as a friend of mine will call a “happy meal” (you have your fruit, your vegetables and the carbs).

The service was good; the crowd was composed of hotel guests and some other tired shoppers. Just the perfect way of finishing our day.

After few drinks, we were ready to fight the cold and the snow and find a cab!!!!