Let’s talk about the serious stuff and Barcelona – Food.

My day of arrival I joined the Marmelades for tapas at Paco Meralgo. For the ones who haven’t met this mythical family the Marmelades live in NY. Lady Fleur and Ring Ding (the parents) have two sons Twinkie and Magician. The parents are known for their famous terrace M in summer and the kids for their killing looks.

When I arrived at the restaurant they had already eaten but were waiting for me to finish the second bottle of wine and some freshly ordered tapas… I didn’t have time to take pics as I was starving.

Just one word: “delicious”. I had some seafood croquettes, fresh tuna carpaccio, grilled foie gras on toast, some fresh anchovies, and the region specialty, “Pa amb Tomaquet” (toasted bread with fresh tomato paste and olive oil). The whole experience was thrilling; I just wished I wasn’t stuck in traffic that long and order more food before they closed.

After our 4pm lunch, we went to the hotel for a nap, in other words digest so we could eat dinner. You know, in Spain, the dinner starts very late…. Around 10pm. I know it is far from early bird in the States, or regular dinner time in Switzerland.

In Spain, every meal is later than the other countries. They start with a light breakfast between 9-11am, have later lunch between 2-3pm, and dinner only after 9pm.

How does people do when they work? Well the working day usually starts between 8 – 9am, lunch break is around 1.30 – 2pm until 3-4pm (the time when Swiss stops working, lol). They finish work around 6 – 7.30pm. (when we have dinner in Switzerland)

According to this schedule, working in NY is slavery as I remember I used to arrive at work around 8ish and leave around 7.30pm, and will have a quick salad in front of my PC for lunch.

Hmmmm, I wonder why I didn’t move to Barcelona as my first instinct ;)