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Everybody in Geneva knows it by now that if you want to have a great view of Geneva, chill and drink some bubbles you go to the rooftop of Hotel Metropole.

My friend who is renting and managing it until September 4th, made a trial last year for few nights, and when she saw it was a total success decided to take it for few months this summer. And this summer “Cafe Delux” was one of the hits of Geneva. As I was running around all summer, finally I made it yesterday.

Thanks god one of my friends made a table reservation. When I arrived at the elevators, I remembered my days in New York at the rooftop hotels such as Gansewort or Soho house; where you queue in front of the elevators where you have to be on a list.
It is a very critical moment, are you going to be able to have access to 7th Heaven, or you are one of the “peuple” (common people) and you need to stay on the ground????
So believe me last night when I saw the bouncer refusing people without pitty, I was very happy to be on that magic list.

When you arrive finally at the rooftop, you have 360 degrees of Geneva’s view. There are tables on each side, the ones on the right are comfy lounge chairs, and the others are high tables with chairs. The DJ booth is in the middle, and at the end of the terrace you have the bar. So you chose the view that you want: people’s legs and butts or Geneva’s jet d’eau…
We were at a high table, so I just checked Geneva…

The service was good, the girls were always making sure that we were fine and had everything we needed. My only problem was that after few glasses of bubbles I needed to eat and unfortunately the kitchen was closed… I guess the mini burgers that I saw making their way during the evening, would be for the next time…

The crowd… a bit of everything; group of friends, boys and girls hunting, or just people chilling out while sipping their drinks… Don’t go there with a date though, cause it is a great place to meet people. There are cute boyzz and girlzzz, and as the place is not very big, walking around makes you interfere directly with the people… And if you are single, I highly recommend not getting a table, just mingle near the bar (the real meat market).
And if you are single but like your comfort and have a table…. (basically like me) Then I advise you to make several visits to the bathroom, which obliges you to mingle ;) )))
Yesterday I heard that a friend of mine actually met his wife at the rooftop of Metropole…. Thank you Café Delux!!!

I remember in New York, during happy hour on Thursdays, the bar of Four Season Hotel was the meat market… although didn’t last long as the “professionals” made their way very quickly…
So I guess Café Delux is the Geneva “meet meat spot”, and the good news is that I haven’t seen any professionals, and believe me it is a challenge in Geneva. I guess after all there are benefits to have someone at the door…

In French we say, “il vaut mieux tard que jamais” litterally meaning better late than never… It took me some time to go to the rooftop, but so happy that I finally made it.
And if you haven’t been, I advise you to do so, but I highly recommend to reserve a table, because it would be a such a pity to arrive to that famous elevator door and be banned from 7th Heaven ;) ))

With the beautiful weather, so many events are happening in Geneva… yes yes Geneva is happening. Last night I first went to the President Wilson hotel, for a Brazilian bikini fashion show, and then joined my friends at Cotton Pub, for a Moët & Chandon event.

So let’s start with The President Wilson, honestly I never think to go there near the pool at the Bayview restaurant, but I think I should start considering it… I am planning to go on a regular night to taste the food, but right now I can say that the setting is amazing. You have a great view of the lake, it is not too big, nor too small …(is it me or I just sounded like “Goldie Locks”? )

Anyway, so last night there was the fashion show of a Brazilian bikini line, sold exclusively at the hotel’s spa. As nothing is easy in Geneva, arriving to the hotel was a big challenge as well. I guess every person who saw the sun, took his/her car to verify if it was real or not. The Mont – Blanc bridge was packed. Once arrived at the hotel, the valet refused to take any more cars and asked everyone to use the Hotel’s parking. The only problem was that my friend who had arrived before, tried it, but the door of the parking was blocked, so nobody could get in or get out…. So after turning half an hour in Paquis to find a spot, I literally left my car on the side of the road. Once arrived to the promise land, between the nice weather, the Brazilian music, and the models wearing the beachwear walking around the pool… I finally realized that summer is on. They were off course offering Caipirinhas and all other sort of Curaçao based cocktails. Personally, I just went with my bubbles.

After Le President, I went to meet up with some other friends at the Cotton Pub. I have to admit I am not a big fan of that pub… and I never got the reason why people are very into it, but last night they were doing their yearly Moët & Chandon event, so I decided to try it out. It consists to promote the bubbles by decreasing their price, a champagne bar and tents are installed, and it seriously attracts lots of people. It was full from 6pm the happy hour till, 2.30 am where I finally decided that it was time to stop my bubbles juice fasting and I needed to go home and get some food. It was nice to see some old friends in the crowd, but interesting also to see few interesting (and I am being nice) people, who seemed to be there simply because they saw the light and the crowd in this case.

So even though I am not a Cotton Pub addict, I would try to catch up this event, because it was really fun. Tonight there is another happy hour event at the President, so if you are in town and don’t know what to do, you should simply swing by ;)

My second day in Rome was a full day, as I never sleep too much, woke up and decided to go out at a piazza to have my breakfast. Obviously the stores were still closed but although I haven’t been to Rome for few years, I manage to walk my way to the main street with all the important shops. Telling you I have a natural GPS for shopping areas. After having done my window shopping and selecting the shops that I would visit, I went to Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, a triangular piazza, with few coffees and some shops. I sat in one of them took a magazine and had a great breakfast to have forces to go shopping. After my retail therapy, I decided to go and pay my respects at the Vatican. There is one place besides shopping that I have to do every time I am in Rome is to go to the Vatican. I am not a very religious person, but every time that I enter the St. Peter’s Basilica church, I am filled with emotions. This time was no different, I went and prayed and made wishes. It was very busy as the following morning it was Pentecost and they were getting ready for the Pope’s mass.
After the Vatican it was time to lunch, so a friend of mine, who knows around brought a bunch of us to the restaurant “Alfredo alla Scrofa”. As she is a foodie, we let her do the food order, and it was a great move. We started with antipasti composed of cold cuts, mozzarella buffalo, some deep fried veggies, followed by the famous fettucine Alfredo, which is basically fettucine covered with a lot of parmesan cheese and when everything melts, a cream sauce comes out. I highly recommend everyone to go and enjoy that dish, and the service is lovely, even though we were 15 people, our waiter didn’t roll his eyes once, and was nice and smiling.
After this very “light” lunch we decided to walk around and visit … my friend and I passed by Piazza Navona, visited churches, where I every time that I bought a candle to pray, it sounded like a Slot machine, and finally finishes the walk at “la Fontana di Trevi” which was so full of people that I decided that I didn’t need to throw more coins in the fountain for more wishes. After all I had almost no coins and wishes left as I spent them in the previous 4 or 5 churches…
Just before going to the hotel to get ready for the wedding, I decided to give another chance to the terrace of “Hotel de Russie” and met a friend for bubbles. It was much better. We could see that the crowd was composed by the people who stayed at the hotel, who were there after a trying day of shopping or visiting to chill. The service was slow to start and got better later and also after few glasses we didn’t really care…. When we finally got ready a shuttle took us to the Villa Aurelia, which sits atop the Janiculum Hill at the highest point within Rome’s ancient city walls. The wedding was beautiful; we partied and danced away until … well I don’t really remember, I guess all these bubbles and proseccos finally got me ;)

Last night I went with a friend to the terrace opening of Hotel Le Richemond in Geneva. At the beginning I thought they were opening a new terrace and was really wondering where it could be, as although the hotel is beautiful, it doesn’t have that kind of space.
And off course with my luck it was pouring outside….The hotel has a valet parking, but only for expensive cars. And as they refused my little Fiat Panda last year, they lost me as a client, and normally I never go there.
Last night wanted to give another chance, and also was quite curious to see the opening of a terrace under the rain.
After struggling for a parking spot we arrived at the hotel. The Terrace opening was obviously happening indoors, and the “Terrace” is actually the little patio of the restaurant where they put normally 3 tables. They just organize this drink, to announce the summer, and the BIG opening of their terrace, which is between us smaller than my terrace at home.
The minute that we entered two people asked us if we would like to coat check and a third one offered us a drink, then we started to circulate sipping our bubbles, tasted few appetizers walking around. For me the hit was “the filet de boeuf” bite with Bearnaise sauce (unfortunately saw it only once).
The crowd was different than usual Geneva crowd, I actually believe that these people were there because they were the hotel clients, and wanted to make connections and not the usual crowd who enters because they see the light and they want free booze and food.
When we finally decided to leave, two ladies who were behind a flower stand, gave us a little bag with red and white paeonies, which was a nice touch.
I really liked the welcome and the good bye, made few connections, so it was a good night after all. I guess Le Richemond really wanted to announce the summer; it is just the Geneva forecast which was against it…

This morning when I woke up, I still had the wine, sake and vodka in my blood… Thanks god didn’t have too many appointments. I spent my day between rain and sunshine walking in the streets of Milan, trying to finish my errands. I walked so much that at the end of the day I couldn’t feel my feet. But everybody knows how retail therapy can make you feel better.
When I returned to my shoe box at Hotel Cavour, I kept trying to reach Malpensa for my suitcases, and finally at 5pm they announced me that it would arrive to my hotel that night around 10 – 11pm.
Well I guess another night where I should do creative clothing with what I have and what I have purchased. My friend brought me to this bar for aperitivo called Blanco, which is situated in Porta Venezia. I always say that I love the Milanese aperetivo, because next to your drinks they always bring you food to nibble. When we arrived it was quite empty, but while we were sipping our bubbles and eating the yummy appetizers, it started to fill up a lot. The crowd was composed a bit of everything; cute boys and girls, good music and very good vibe. You could find casually dressed up people just chilling out as well as the ones who spent hours in front of the mirror and who couldn’t enjoy their drink simply because they needed to know if someone was looking at them.
Overall it was fun, but we had to leave as we had dinner reservation at Osteria Del Corso in Brera. It is known to be a who’s who restaurant, so with my Milan luck I was sure I would see another football player… we all know that the real celebrities in Milan are the models, and the football players. Although my friends explained me that it would be the usual crowd. Tonight we just saw Piero Chiambretti, who is a famous anchor for the midnight Chiambretti show. Otherwise there were big groups of women and men. And with our luck we had the most annoying voice sitting next to us. She couldn’t stop talking, and it sounded like nails going down a board, you know that horrible voice… But even that annoying voice didn’t ruin my dinner. I had an amazing swordfish Carpaccio followed by a finger licking spaghetti with lobster, all this with a great wine and company. I really advise you to go there and enjoy a good meal. The working stuff and the owner are amazing as well.
My second day was less stressful and the fact that I received my luggage helped it. It was at 11.30pm, just in time to take it back with me to Geneva for Friday my morning train. Yes train, nothing would make me take that Twin Jet plane again, which could be described as Bermuda triangle for luggage, and/or fear box!!!!