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I know that I am late for some posts, but now that I am back to Geneva, let me write you a little about it, before adding my NY Food Festival experiences.

This time the return was harder, as I am still jet lagged. Yesterday it was the birthday of my friend that we call the President, so we decided last minute to get together and have a drink at Capocaccia. I have told the Yeti (girls he is the new guy in Geneva, yes we have fresh meat in town, lol) to join us as well, so he could meet some of my peeps.

After few drinks, we were all hungry so headed up to Quirinale… The last time that I was at Quirinale was the night before my trip to NY, and it was a long night. Everybody was there including Metro and my Greek girls. The night ended very late at the new B Club, and I only had an hour to pack before going to the airport… still drunk, lol.

As usual Quirinale over packed, but haven’t seen that many people that I know… even the special ladies were not there!!! What’s happening in Geneva? I leave the city for a couple of weeks, and everybody changes their habit????

Ok we got it; it is the new year, so everybody has a resolution such as quit drinking, quit smoking, quit eating…. bla bla and bla. We all know that these resolutions won’t last long. WE are in Geneva, how do you wanna survive to the winter depression without drinking? Anyway, nobody was in the “party” mood… so we lost basically everyone. The last man and woman standing were the Yeti and I…

Fun night, fun discussion… but I seriously need new places to discover in Geneva. I know it is gonna be a challenge, but my 2011 will be dedicated to that.

Last night it was the 9th year anniversary of the Capocaccia Geneva…. one of the nights not to miss in Geneva. It is located in Confederation Centre right at the heart of Geneva. Normally I go there every Thursday for the Milanese Happy Hour, where you have a food buffet and great music. Last night we had several food buffets, full of Italian specialties, a champagne stand, mojito corner and big wine stand. A great DJ, and even singers…
The crowd was great, the usual Capoholics, bankers, Geneva socialites, and party people.
The restaurant is quite small, but they had the genius idea to take all the outside as well, and although we are freezing in Geneva these days, as it is in a mall protected by glass doors, and full of people, it was not a problem to be outside… and even smoke
I was happy cause managed to see so many people that I haven’t seen for a while, you know with all my trips and all, met new people, had few drinks, ate well, and had great fun.
what a woman can expect more? a man? well there were beautiful men and women, but I was just in the mood to catch up with my old friends… men can wait another party, another time….
So thank you guys to throw another great party and I urge everyone to go and eat their delicious paninis for lunch, or simply enjoy their happy hours… believe me it is great to have a place like Capo in Geneva, where having fun and spending a good time is guaranteed!!! I will say A++ for Capocaccia Geneva