When my friends called, to ask me to join them at the chef’s table at Rochat, I was the happiest person in the world. Lol I know again happy because of food… you will think something is missing in my life ;)
But come on, we are talking about Philippe Rochat; the disciple of Freddy Girardet; the chef that collected more stars in a culinary world than a kid, in a sugar coma, from candies collected at Halloween.

My friends who organized the dinner told us (the girls) to not have a décolleté, or a mini skirt as we were going to sit in the kitchen where there are 20 men and only 2 women cooks…
In other words as my sister said, “I should cover my boobs for once, so I don’t distract the cooks”.

When we arrived at his restaurant situated at Crissier (near the city of Lausanne), we passed straight from the entrance to the kitchen.
The kitchen reminded me of a bee colony: a huge hive with lots of drones and two bees dressed up in their white cook outfits with their white hats delivering amazing dish after dish. And the Queen of the colony (although I should say the King), Philippe Rochat, giving orders, and checking every plate that leaves the kitchen …
You have to be there to feel the energy. I believe it is the fantasy of every woman and gay man…. A room full of males and yummy food ;)

We decided to take the Fall menu which consists of 11 dishes accompanied with exquisite wines. What can I say, besides that every dish was better than the previous one. Now I understand what Rochat means when he says “No need to overdo the ingredients to bring out the best in a product, just serve three flavors at a time”.

The dishes were tasty but light, and not drowning in sauce … My palate was nicely teased with every new dish. My favorites were the chamois, the turbot and off course the truffle dish that was simply not big enough….

We also had the honor to meet Petula Clark who was having her drink on our table when we arrived. I hesitated to ask her to sing “Downtown” for me.

And the cherry on the cake was to have Phillipe Rochat hanging out with us. He was all serious to start with and I don’t know why he refused that I accompany him to visit the tables, lol. But once the restaurant got calmer, he finally relaxed and let me tell you, this incredible chef is a big charmer as well ;)

I don’t know if I need to say it, but the night was exquisite… The company was great, and I loved every minute of the experience.

And thank you again to my friends who organized it…