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In Geneva, when you say “Auberge de Dully” everybody starts salivating thinking about the chicken, and the rostis and the yummy warm shortcrust cream pie….
Dully opened its wine house in 1840 and housed a lounge with only five tables and fifteen stools. It is only in 1964 that the chicken and lamb legs started to be served. So over 40 years, this Auberge owned by the Charriere family, situated between Geneva and Lausanne serves their customers. Growing up in Geneva, I used to go there a lot; first with my parents, then with my friends, and now with my friends and their kids…
It is not the first choice spot for the evenings, because it is 20 – 30 minutes from Geneva, and you need to take the highway. In a city small like Geneva when you stay in your car more than 10 minutes to arrive to a restaurant, it is considered far, and with all the police controls, you have to be careful with your alcohol intake…
This week-end we decided with a friend to go there and enjoy the chicken, and I honestly was craving more about the pie ;) As usual the place was packed, and as usual the place was too hot. I had the feeling to sit near the sun… The décor is very rustic and full of pictures of formula one and especially Ferrari as they are big fans. Normally we could park just in the front, and it was always a big chaos as everyone would leave there car at any empty spot. Now they have closed it, so you have to be creative and park along the road or use the open air parking a bit further away.
The chicken was juicy and the rosti crispy. I don’t even talk about the pie, because I finished it almost by myself… The service was as usual quick and efficient. The crowd was composed of few people that I knew, few families, few couples, and few groups. There was one woman whom I was happy not to sit in front, she had so many surgeries that she reminded me of a mild version of Jocelyn Wildenstein (you know the socialite in NY who did so many plastic surgeries that she looks like a cat… although that would insult the poor cats). Thanks god the person that I was sitting looked good, therefore my appetite was intact, lol
So a great night after all, great food, good vibe, funny people to watch, great company and the good point was that while I was eating, due to the heat I was in a mini sauna; so instantly losing weight ;) the negative point, when I left, I smelled like a roasted chicken myself… could be dangerous when you walk by a dog….

The Geneva Old Town (La Vieille Ville) is a picturesque portion of Geneva, characterized by its cobblestone streets, old buildings and sidewalk cafes and restaurants. Perched on a hillside south of the Rhone River, la Vieille Ville can be seen from around Geneva. The heart of the old town is the Geneva Cathedral (Cathedrale St-Pierre).
This week-end we had an a amazing weather in Geneva. Sunny and warm, I guess summer is really around the corner. On Saturday morning I went to “la Clemence” in Vieille Ville (the old town) with my mom and had coffee there.
La Clemence, for the ones who don’t know is “THE” place in Geneva’s old town, to have coffee and happy hour on the sunny week-ends. It is located in the very center of old town, and you can simply sit and watch all Geneva pass by, as well as all the tourists. And as we saw on Saturday those tourist walk around with their camera and ask you to take their picture in front of the water fountain, just by the Clemence.
La Clemence is also the morning spot of the Old Towners (that my sis calls the clan of old town). Because they all know each other, and they have their own activities. It is quite cute actually.
After our looong coffee watching everyone, we decided to go for lunch at a restaurant in old town that I used to go a lot when I was a student. It has a nice terrace, and as I am seeking about all the nice terrace restaurants around city, I thought we should try this one as well. It is called “Le Mortimer”. This restaurant is known for its chocolate cake, the best of Geneva, the center is chocolate is fondant, and one word can describe it… heaven!!!
When we arrived to the restaurant they sat us on a side where we had sun, but the owner told us that, unfortunately it won’t stay long, due to the buildings around. We ordered our plates, and honestly were not really impressed by the food quality and taste. The staff is really nice, but I think when on the menu it is written half chicken, they should put some chicken whites and not simply a piece of drumstick and a wing, where there is barely meat to eat. Especially at this price, when one door down you have “Chez ma Cousine” which gives you for the half price, a real half chicken, with salad and potatoes.
Anyway I guess we will keep Mortimer for the chocolate cake spot, and the beauty you don’t even need to eat it there, you can just take out ;) and on my side, I will continue my search for the great terraces in Geneva center.